Saturday, November 23, 2013

TS3 - Sim Guru Cathedral

This is my entry into the Design a Wedding Cathedral contest.
I want to dedicate this build to all the wonderful Gurus on the forum. 
Come pray to the Gurus that be!

Large Chapel with Church Organ
Reception Room
Bridal Party Rooms
Dance Floor 
Bar and lounge
Built on 30x40 Lot

A little note about the Gobos. There are actually two over the dance floor so when you are setting them make sure you use the "All Gobo" option. I had mine set to Heats, White and Slow

Both the bride and groom rooms lead out to a quiet garden to get some fresh air. Perfect for photos. 

The chapel features a bras pipe organ. Seats 24 guests.

Bar and lounge where you can relax with a tasy cocktail while you wait for the reception to begin.

 Grooms changing room nice and close to the alter. Has its own bar and televsion to clam the nerves.

Brides room, has plenty of room for even the biggest dresses. Completly decked out for those last minute touch ups.

Upstairs, the reception room. Seats 24

Bridal table with the beutiful stained glass windows in the background.

Large dance floor with grand piano and small balcony.


EP/SP used:

Supernatural, World Adventures, Late Night, Seasons, Genrations, Showtime, University, Pets, Island Paradise, Ambitions
Store Items used: