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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TS3 - Starter Home.

I have been asked to put my Starter Home from my challenge me to build entry up for download. :)

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom. 
Built on a 20x15 lot.
Price $13.426
I have changed some things (from my challenge entry house) to reduce the CC used. Ceiling Lights, Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Divider, Fireplace, Bathroom Mirror, Sliding Door and the toilet was replaced with a cheaper one. The Download does NOT include any CC if you wish to use the house without it :) But all the CC I have used does not get replaced with EA objects.

To get your home to look like this one above you will need to download the following CC. The reason I used this CC was to keep the cost down low. The only pattern really NEEDED would be the Ceiling pattern, to get that effect. But the others are much nicer than the game ones.

Custom Content used:

Build Stuff:
Buy Mode Stuff:


    1. It's beautiful as ever Kem :).

    2. Thanks so much Velvet :) I'm actually really having fun building homes atm. Who knew!