Sunday, July 13, 2014

TS3 - Dragon Valley Burial Grounds

D.N.A Request for SBJuthberg
 Grim Reapers Residence
2 Crypts, 5 Ghosts!
Mini Hidden Tomb
Built on 64x64 Lot

This is my second request as part of the D.N.A team. Its a large graveyard with the Grim Reaper residing as the Caretaker.
This lot is full of little surprises!
All the graves have been relocated from the small graveyard in Dragon Valley to this one so you can safely delete that lot and still have the town ghosts :)
There is a very small tomb on the lot, I wont tell you where or how to get into it, but its easy to guess lol (if you cant find it let me know and I will tell you where it is)
 I went a little snap happy and took lots of pictures in different times of the day for you :)
I do hope you enjoy your lot as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

First some pics of the Exterior and grounds

 I managed to get the waterfall you asked for in between the stairs :)

One of the Crypts and the Mausoleum, there are graves scattered around this area.

The Crypt

The Lake has 2 Death fish spawners in it and is large enough to ice skate on in the winter

One of the ghosts!

More graves placed around this area and 2 dig sites, plus the Philosopher's Stone in the center

The pathway leading to the other Crypt under the Castle

The Crypt under the castle also features a shrine to life.

 This is also where Bonehilda lives, you will need to awake her first but once you have she will take care of the whole lot cleaning up after NPC's, repairing broken items and feeding the reapers pets.

Inside we go!

 You enter into a large sitting are occupied by some of the reapers pets

To the right is the bar

From the bar you can enter the dining room

which goes through into the kitchen, and can also be accessed from the sitting room.
I wonder what we are having for dinner? lol

on to the second floor!

Grims study 

The Bathroom

and his bedroom

the third floor is a huge workspace where he can practice his crafts

the overviews

Main Floor

 Second Floor

 Third Floor
You will notice in the pic there are 2 of the sliding bookcase doors, one on each side of the room. For some reason when you place the lot they glitch and Sims can not enter the room. This is a know issue. I replaced them with normal doors but you can put the sliding bookcase door back if you want. (it does look better with them)


 Crypt under the Castle

some of the npc's on the lot :)

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