Friday, March 27, 2015

TS3 - It's a kind of magic....

a DNA Request for kforti

2 Bedroom, Nursery, 2.5 Bathroom
2 Study/Alchemy Rooms
Huge Kitchen
Attic, Basement, Green House and more!
Built on 40x40 Lot

As soon as I saw the request I immediately thought of the house from Practical Magic. The house is not identical to that house but it draws all its inspirations from it. It is decorated with a cluttered eclectic feel to it.
All the appliances have been upgraded.

The gardens have a full slightly overgrown look to them, many amenities are outside including a rock pool, children's play equipment, vegi garden, bonfire, clothes line and arbor.

The vegi garden has almost all plants in it, the sprinklers have been upgraded to auto water, there is a orchid to one side with all the fruit trees in it. The way I have the plants positioned is how you have to have those types of plants you will notice that the beans and some herbs from University take up more room than the other harvestables. The plants from Supernatural are all in the Green House. There is also a chicken coop here.

A bonfire for the coven to dance naked around under the full moon lol

 I tired to make the swimming pool look like a natural rock pool. The tree house is here also and a place for your fairy friends to relax.

 A arbor to sit under and enjoy a quite cup of tea on those sunny afternoons.

The back deck has a telescope, easel, pizza oven and chess set. You can also see the bulkhead here which is one of the two ways to get into the basement.

A few more shots of outside.

The front entrance is also a small study area. The bookcase in the hall (not pictured) has been stocked with all skill books and cooking recipes.

Living Room with piano and jukebox. You can also access the living room through a side door off the front porch. The books have been removed from the bookcase behind the piano to prevent temper tantrums, the game will most likely fill this bookcase with some generic books when you download the lot. You will have to remove them again yourself.

Moving through the living room into a small hall/sitting area. This is where the stairs lead to the basement and a door to the back deck.

There is a toilet off this hall way too.

 Into the huge kitchen! This is the heart of the home and features the bakers oven and canning station. There is a door leading to the back deck too.

 Off the kitchen is the formal dining room which has been converted into a potion room, complete with apothecary cabinet! This is one of two areas for your witch to practice their skills in. Again the books were removed from the bookcase here to prevent route fails.
If you wanted to, you could remove the magic stuff and turn it back into a formal dining room.

 If we go back into the kitchen you can access the greenhouse from there as well as from outside. Those mushrooms under the table are quite accessible.

Down into the basement. There is a laundry, inventing bench, glassblower, nectar maker and a few wineracks, plus a shower just incase there is a "accident" lol
There is plenty or room down here to add in anything else you might need too.

Moving on upstairs!

 The master bedroom with ensuite.

Nursery and playroom. The bookcase here is stocked with all the toddler and children's books.

 The Girls bedroom. With a extra bed for when she has a friend sleepover.

The bathroom.

Last but not least we have the attic space.
I wanted to give the feel of a very cluttered attic where things have been stored over the years. It was MUCH more cluttered than this at one stage but thought I should remove some things due to performace issues.
This is where the second alchemy area is. There is a easel, cauldron, crystal ball and magic mirror up here too. The potion storage rack has all the alchemy skill and recipe books in it.

And the overviews. These have been kept large so you can see where everything is (hopefully)

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EP/SP's used:

Supernatural, Ambitions, Into the Future, Island Paradise, Seasons, Pets
Late Night, University Life, Showtime, Generations, World Adventures
Master Suite, 70's 80's &  90's, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Fast Lane, Movie Stuff

Store Items Used:
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  1. Incredible. I write this and Escaflowne starts playing! It's a long time fav. WOW

    1. Thank you Kira :)

      Isn't that song beautiful?? Such a shame it isn't longer though.

  2. WOW! Stunning! I'm absolutely floored right now. It's so charming and cozy! I don't know how you do it, but every lot of yours impresses me more than the last. <3 Brilliant job! :)

    1. Thank you Buckley!

      I hope I can keep impressing you though I am starting to run out of ideas lol

  3. Do I need all the expansion packs you used or does it work with some missing?

    1. As far as I know it should still work with missing expansions or store content. What the game will do is either generate base game objects in place of the missing stuff or just remove them completely. So the basic shape/structure of the house should be the same but the contents will look a lot different.

  4. Kem I'm always blown away by your lot building & interior design skills, but what impresses me more is the way you utilise game & store content, can I ask when you set kitchen counters at an angle, can you still place small appliances on them, if so are they still usable by sims? I also thing the idea of using two sets of curtains on a window is genius! I may pinch that idea Lol!!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie :)

      To answer your question, it depends :) lol
      When you say on a angle which ones are you referring too?

      If they are the corner ones then that all depends whether you let the game snap them together so that it creates a corner piece or whether you MOO'ed two counters together to create a corner piece. You will be able to tell by placing the small appliance, if it places on a 45 degree angle then the corner was created by snapping and not MOO.
      If it is just counters placed off grid on a angle then any appliance should work on them, Basically if the Sim can stand directly in front of the appliance (not to the side of it) then the appliance should work.
      I hope you can make sense of all of that lol
      And as for the curtain idea, pinch away my dear, pinch away :)

  5. What a lovely house, looks great, nice garden too, well done.