Tuesday, June 4, 2019

TS4 - Temple of Balampalsoh

Museum or National Park Lot Type
Sheltered research area and Picnic spot
Public Restrooms
Meditation and Painting
Built on 30x30 Lot

This is my entry into Build-n-Share Challenge #120 - There's Some History There over on the forums.
We had to pick a time period and culture and restore a building from a archeological dig site.
I went with a ancient Omiscan ruin built in the Iron Age.
The temple has been restored to its former glory and the adjacent smaller temple has been refurbished into public restrooms.
On with the pic spam!

Exterior shots of the Temple buildings

Sheltered Picnic Spot that IS actually waterproof

Sheltered Research Station, again waterproof!
There is a outdoor trash can hidden inside the chest to the left, totally functional :)

Entrance to the temple

Shrine to Balampalsoh
with offerings around the altar

Nice spot to sit and meditate

Inside the Toilet Temple lol
there is no toilet paper in the stalls you have to use leaves :P


and the obligatory Night Shots cause ooooo pretty..

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