Thursday, June 13, 2013

TS3 - Contemporary Ranch

This is my entry into a contest over on the official forums. The host wanted a large one story ranch style home, with everything included and I mean EVERYTHING! lol 
I have play tested it for a Sim week and everything was fine for me. BUT it is a huge lot with many things and I may have missed something.
I have to warn you now, if you do not have a good computer this lot will run a bit laggy because of the amount of content in it.
Warning this post is very PICTURE HEAVY :)
on with the tour shall we.....

4 Bedroom  4.5 Bathroom
Study, Nursery, 2 Living Rooms
Children's Play Room, Pool Table
Laundry, Gym, Wine Cellar with Bar
Media Room, Storage Room
Cubby House, Tree House, Playground
Pond, Pool and Spa, 3 Stables
Vegetable Garden and Orchid
Built on 64x64 Lot

Walking through the Front Entrance brings you to a small foyer, from here you can go straight ahead into the Great Room...

Or take a left into the Formal Dinging Room.

Passing through the Dining Room will take you into the Family Room and Kitchen. This is a great place for the ladies to hang out while you are getting meals ready in the kitchen.

From the Kitchen you enter a small passage way where the side entrance is....

 Off this passage way are the Laundry and Separate Toilet...

and the stairs to the Basement. When you first enter the Basement you can go Right into the Media Room...

or Left into the Gym with its own Bathroom...

Following the passage way a bit further will take you to the Wine Cellar and Bar on the Right...

or the Storage Room for Collections directly ahead.

Back upstairs and back into the Great Room there is a long Hall with a Reading Nook at the end...

Off this Hall is firstly the Study...

and then the Master Bedroom and Bath.

Taking a left at the end of the Hall takes you into another long Hall. First on the Right is the Nursery fully equipped for Triplets...

second on the Right is the Shared Bathroom decorated in a nautical theme.

then on the Left is the Girls Bedroom with its own Bathroom.

At the end of the Hall is the Children's Playroom...

off the Playroom to the Right, is the Boys Bedroom.

Through double glass doors back in the Playroom we can access the Back Deck. This can also be accessed from the Great Room

A great area for entertaining or just having a relaxing Sunday BBQ

Off the Deck is the in-ground Pool and Spa

The Backyard contains 3 Stables, Vegetable Patch and Orchid.....

It also has plenty of places for the children to play, you already saw the Slide and Sandpit here is the Tree House...

the Cubby House, (great for baking and playing Tea Party) Swing Set, Seesaw and Pirate Rider

 As we walk around the side of the house we come to the Pond out front.

and the Double Garage with Basketball Hoop.

Some overviews so you get the idea of the whole layout. I tried to keep as much open space as possible so that the Horses can run around.

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I have all EP's, SP's and all worlds except Lunar Lakes and Lucky Palms.

Store Items used:
EVERYTHING!  lol, just kidding but boy there are a tonne of them :P

Lollypop Lollygagger ChairGinchiest SinkCocoon CribHand Stenciled Dining Table,
Playtime RugLoitering LuggageUltra Basket CaseNovelty Dining Chair Collection Series 2,
Ultra Lounge ShowerVineyard Villa Fashion DresserSecret SonnyStarlight Satellite Chandelier,
Portable PlatterRustic Loaf BoxSteampunk Kitchen- Teaquinology EnjoyulatorBrainy Desk,  
 Venerable Vellum Volume VaultThe Pampered PedroLight in a CanFaire Table Lamp,
Wood Fire OvenHomemade Jar PlantersBlock Robot from TFWIKWTCIPlant Pocket
All Mine Till The End TableFalling Leaves MobileEnchanting Mirror WallWoodland Counter,
Bunny Picture PortraitWide Romantique Wall MirrorLast-4-EVER Boxing Gloves,
Strike-em-out chairCoffee Tray with Book AccentsDoor Within DoorVineyard Vittles Shelf
Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream MachineHigh-Class HamperThe Don Pedro BookshelfMiss Mystery,  
Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.1Morris Wide CurtainLocal Motion Toddler Walker,
Hour Glass End TableBlue Treasure Toy BoxPut Some Birds On ItI Love Me Mirror,
Giraffe MeasurerThe Traveler's Limited Edition Alarm ClockAll of Me MirrorSecrecy Curtain
Pan of Plants SculptureHappenin’ HamperWoven Wicker TrunkPineapple Pottery,
Double Frame PhotoThe Dramatic PalmAthena's Olive TreeGrove Cone Ceiling Lamp,
Lovely LuminosityEastern Ambiance Wall LampThe Winning Team FlagsFull Force Firewood
Overachieving Counter IslandHigher Tech Apron RackJML Technologic 4:3 TVFraud Laug
Overachieving Overhead CabinetOverachieving BookshelfMoelleux Living Chair,
The Queens SinkSizzle Baby Pro Deep FryerOceania Orb LanternToo Literal Tea Ceiling Light,
Comfy couch with SlipcoverOlde Simogany DeskGift of Speech Baby MonitorKoonzilla,  
Little Dipper Bedside LightSweet Serenity Lily Pad Mini PondFantasy Activity Table,
Jazz Me Up! Photo SeriesFord Focus “Start Something Remote”,  Overachieving Counter
Faire Tale Shell VaseVineyard Villa Divine BedVineyard Villa BookcasePlants In Glass
Rim Rockin’ Basketball HoopPastoral ReflectionsMoon Over Water MirrorContented Sighs
The Big Cheese Coat RackSugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Wall ShelfCulinary Arts Stool,
Animal Friends Girl’s End TableMini Mountains Table LightTwo Scoops of Sun Wall Lamp,
Double Hockey SticksPiece of Paradise Fan PalmsThe Don Pedro DresserFaire Wall Lamp
Puzzled Wall SculptureSafari Living: Stoic Giraffe StatueDress Myself Dresser
Dirty No More Changing and Bathing StationErgonomic Potty ChairVDBM-880 Wall Mirror,
Chess Champion PaintingsOverachieving Overhead Glass CabinetHead Start Playpen,
TeaCup ChairOak Fireplace MantelMurano Retro and Ripe Fruit BowlTopper
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom- Shine o' Smile Toothbrush HolderJon and Cindy Bunny
Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Cantina CanisterOnce Upon a Time Cottage- Porridge Prep Wall Shelf,
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- Khmer Deity CarvingIndia Inspired Bedroom- Eri Silk Drapes,
India Inspired Bedroom- Banarasi Plush Coffee TableIndian Inspired Living- Airavata Scuplture,
Ivy Tower,  Naturally High End Electronic Stereo and Pile ‘o Outdoor Activities
Clothesline Art,  Durasoft Rocking Chair,  Kiddieview Window Plus,  Wee Woodland Rug,  Hop, Skip, and Jump Rug and Puzzling Progeny Rug 


  1. Oh good God that's incredible! Until moments ago I was thinking I was in with a small chance of possibly winning that contest but now I'm certain I won't and I'm not even annoyed; who could complain about being beaten by this!? :p

    I really loved your creativity with the bath shelf and the kitchen wine racks. I may have to borrow your ideas for future builds if you don't mind ;)

    *new follower gained*

    1. Wow what a incredibly nice thing to say :) I am truly flattered.

      Feel free to use any ideas I have in any of my builds for yourself, that's what they are there for so borrow away! :)

  2. OMG I love it thank you so much, your the best , Thanks

    1. Thank you gbermudez! I am glad you like it :)

  3. This house is INCREDIBLE!! I am so totally blown away by your creativity, artistic touch, and just the overall look! I LOVE this house, I only wish I had a big enough lot to use it. I dl'd and rec'd it so hopefully I can fit it in one of my worlds somewhere.

    I do have one question for you: How did you do the pool with the raised edge? Did you build into a foundation or a platform? It is really amazing! I vote for you to win the contest, I hope DD feels the same.

    1. Oh wow thank you!

      I built a platform around it leaving flat spaces for them to enter the pool. You can see if you look close there is one flat area by the smaller stairs and one flat area where the ladder and diving board are. I wish they could enter the pool from the platform so I could of built it all the way around but ah well :) We make do with what we have don't we lol

    2. Ahh, I see it now! It is a great effect, I didn't even see it until you pointed it out. I am really going to have to borrow some of your ideas, they are fantastic. I may have to try to build something like this on a smaller lot. It is just wonderful.

    3. Oh please do borrow away! :) Nothing pleases me more than to inspire something in someone else. Makes you all giddy inside lol

      Would love to see what you come up with too!

    4. I have yet another question: where did you get the dish display cases in the dining room? I love them and would like to use them, but don't see them in my game. I assume they are from a set in the store? Thanks!

    5. That cabinet is called "Simsonian Federal China Cabinet" It came with Ambitions, can be found in Deco/Misc and is priced at $850. Oh and its originally white too :)

    6. Wonderful, I have Ambitions so I just need to go grab it! I am trying to replicate your great room and dining room in my newest build, so hopefully I do it justice! Thank you for your beautiful inspiration and your help!

    7. Oh awesome, I would love to see your finished product :)

    8. It's me again! I have yet another question. I am trying to do a hot tub area like yours with the columns and trellis but keep getting the "floating trellis syndrome". lol My trellis doesn't touch the columns, yet it certainly looks as if yours does. May I ask your secret for this please? Thanks!

      P.S. I am using your techniques in a few builds and will post the links when they are ready. =)

    9. Awesome cant wait to see what you have come up with :)

      As for the trellis, that's going to be hard to explain lol

      I used CFE (constrainfloorelevation false)

      First place your columns and then do your trellis, then lower the ground (I think it was 1 click, may of been 2). This should pull your trellis down with the lower ground.

      Go back and turn CFE off (contrainfloorelevation true) delete your columns and anything else that is under your trellis.

      Go into the terrain tool and flatten the ground back up to its original level, this should not effect the above trellis, if it did you have done something wrong :P

      Then build your staging (or now you can use the new foundation tool which I think would be better) and place your hot tub, columns and whatever else you want :)

      Actually now that I am thinking about it....

      Try this, delete everything under your trellis and place the new foundation tool (hold alt while dragging the foundation and it will become the same height as the staging)
      Then place your columns on top of that they should be higher than they were before.
      When you place columns on staging they sit on the actual ground not the stage, so by rights if you place them on the foundation they should be higher and then should touch your trellis.

      Let me know how it goes I haven't tested it myself yet, just thought of it now. lol

    10. You really are a genius! I need to pick your brain more! The first way worked, the other wouldn't let me extend the stage, but this house is not on a foundation so the first technique was perfect. I'll try to post a pic, not sure if it'll work in this thing (not too familiar with pix on pages). If not I'll post the link too and hopefully you'll be able to see it but it is beautiful!


      Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions! =)

    11. Oh it looks awesome! Woo Hoo go you!

  4. WOWZZA! I actually felt like I was on tour through an open house for sale, this is by far the most realistic home I have ever seen built, excellent work hon. I already have the perfect family for this that have grown too large for their small 3 bdrm home they are in now, they will be so thrilled to move into such luxurious comfort and design that says, come on in and make yourself at home ;) And yes indeed I am so going to borrow so many ideas (providing I remember that is :P ), just amazing. I do have just a few questions however, first how were you able to layer the stage tool in places? and where on earth are the stairs to the basement? I see them in the basement, but not anywhere on the main floor (I might be blind lol). Rec'd, dldd & fave'd ;)

    1. Awww thank you so much Terry :) I am so glad it felt like a home tour, that was what I was trying to go for with this one.

      I am not sure I get what you mean by layering the stage tool, I didn't layer it anywhere in the build. If you are talking about around the Pool all that I did was use the foundation tool for the main deck then the stage is around the pool edge. I left some places around the edge of the pool flat (just a floor tile) so that they can access the pool and diving board. I hope I explained that clearly, I am not good at writing sorry.

      As for the stairs they "should" be in between the laundry and separate toilet. You can see them in the overview of the main floor. :) Unless you are blind like me and cant see a thing on that overview haha

  5. You did a great job on this house. Very impressive! I hope you win the contest because I think you deserve it after putting so much work into it. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you so much :)

      Everyone put a lot of work into their builds, I am just happy with the awesome feedback I am getting :) Though I must admit winning would be like the icing on the cake lol

  6. all i can say....just told the missus im building this house...if i ever win the lotto.... at first i thought you strange for making a separate webpage for sims 3 houses but dam, your creations are very impressive :P just hope my computer doesn't complain about playing it.

    1. Thanks Sonny, yeah I felt it was better to make a blog for my builds so I don't feel bad spamming pics, I do tend to go a bit overboard lol

      When you win the lotto and build this house just remember where you got the idea from (hint hint) LOL I kid I kid.

  7. Are there any Stuff Pack items used? None are shown on TS3. PLEASE REPLY!! I'm buying almost all of the Store Content items and World Adventures just to get this house because I'm literally so in-love with.

    1. Firstly thank you!

      Yes all the stuff packs were used in this build.

      Most of the items from the stuff packs are just deco, but there are a few pieces of actual furniture used from the SP's.

      Make sure you check the item list at the bottom of the page because half of the stuff I used did not show up on the EA site, I hate that it doesn't show the items used correctly :(

    2. Also if you go to this site

      At the top they have a drop down menu called Game Guides, from there you can pick a stuff pack and see whats included, hopefully that might answer any questions as to where certain things came from :)

      If you still are not sure or if something just looks wrong/missing let me know (with a picture would be best) and I can tell you what is supposed to be there.

  8. Also where did the hot tub outback come from, because when I downloaded it without all the stuff it wasn't visible.

    1. The hot tub is from the Outdoor Living Stuff Pack.

  9. Replies
    1. It all depends on how big the request is and how much time I have :) If you are not in a great rush I cant see why I couldn't do something custom for you. What did you have in mind?

  10. This is incredible! I am definitely downloading. Your lots always look so unique. i have a question though. Is everything you used in the lot included with the download or do we have to download the content from the store?

    1. If you do not already own it, you will need to get it.
      The game will replace what you are missing with other items or just remove them completely if you don't have everything listed. This goes for having pirated versions of store stuff too. The game looks at pirated store items as 3rd party CC and will not use them in place of the genuine item. Hope that all made sense :)

  11. Do have to have certain games to have this?

    1. I believe you will need all of them if you want it to be exactly the same.
      I do not know what will happen if you download it without the expansion and stuff packs that I have used. It may just replace the items with other items or leave them out completely. Or it may not work at all.

  12. This house is soooo amazing!!!!

    Do you take custom requests? I love this house so much, but I don't need the stables, the basement and the garden. Could you make the same house on a smaller lot? I know it is really much to ask for.

    (Sorry for my bad English, I'm Danish :))

    1. I am in the process of moving house so I don't have time at the moment. But I may be able to do something for you soon. Sorry

    2. It's totally fine, I understand. Thanks for answering :) Happy moving

    3. No problem, once I get moved into my new house i should be able to play around a bit and may be able to recreate something similar on a smaller lot, we will see :)

  13. Hi.. I downloaded this lot some time ago and wondered.. how did you change the laundry decorated bottles to solid colors to look like paint bottles..

    1. I am so glad you think that, because that is what they are supposed to be :)

      I use a mod to remove the stencil/overlay on things. It is a awesome mod and I highly recommend it to everyone. You can even remove that god awful shine on things that don't need to have a shine. It works in CAS too!

      I have both versions installed in my game. Have fun with it!

  14. OOh wow ..ok thanks so much for your response, and your lovely builds.. I think I might have if not all most of your lots :) .. I don't usually use Mods.. but in this case i am tempted.. I must have spent 20 minuets trying to do what you did to those bottles to no thank you for your response and for all your hard work.

    1. You are more than welcome!

      And thank you for your continued support :)