Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TS3 - Dragon Valley Giveaway Entry

A Medieval/Tudor style home I made for another competition over at Sailfin Sims

I was asked to put this home up for download, so I have changed a few things (mainly deco) to make the lot playable and you can now get it for your own game :) Link for the download is at the bottom of the post.

The Front doors open to a large living area where they can relax after a hard days work.

 The fire is situated on the lower floor and centralized to heat the whole house.

 On the other side of the fire is where the meals are prepared and eaten. There is a larder there to store fresh food.

In the downloaded version there are no buckets on the fridge or on the floor next to the chair. The vegetables/plants have been removed from the buckets and table too.

Upstairs are 3 bedrooms and the washroom 
The master bedroom is also used as the nursery.

 One of the bedrooms is used as the study and infirmary if any of the people get sick.

Flowers are placed in the washroom to give a pleasant aroma while bathing, they also help to mask the smell from the toilet.
Buckets have been removed from the counter in the downloaded version

Outside is where they spend most of their day.

The large Boxes on the side of the building below (stage prop set) have been removed int he downloaded version

 There is much work to be done of the homestead, gardens need tending constantly.
The garden plots have been thinned out so you can actually tend the garden in the downloaded version

The fish pond out back provides a source of food and is a great place to wash clothes.

The dovecote not only is the main supply of food, the manure is used to fertilize the garden too.

And now for some overviews :)

I have all EP's and SP's

Riverview. Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs and Monte Vista Worlds.


  1. I love it is it for download ? if yes where , You are the only person I download house from I love the idea you come up with please let me know when it become available , Thanks ginagoddes

    1. Awww, thank you gbermudez!

      It isn't available for download but I can make it available, I will have to change some things little deco things that make some objects unusable. It will still look almost identical to what it is now just a few little differences. If that's okay?

  2. That would be great!!!!!! your the best :-D thank you so much!!!!!!!

    1. Sweet I'll get right on it. I don't get the computer much at the moment (Hubby and I are sharing one while his gets fixed) But as soon as I get some good Sims time I'll get it up for you :)

  3. House is now available for download :) Enjoy!

  4. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!! I hope you keep make these beautiful homes I love the fact that you don't use any CC , and your designs ideas are the best, I love what you come up with , I wish I could design like that , as long as your making houses with no CC I will keep download them ,Thanks again for another great creation your the best , :-D

    1. You are very welcome, I am so glad that you like my homes.

      I hope you enjoy it! Oh one thing I noticed while playing it last night, the rug upstairs under the double bed was scratched up by the cat I was play testing with and I overlooked it when replacing things. If your Sim is getting the filthy surrounding debuff in that room that will be why :)