Sunday, March 23, 2014

TS3 - Bygone Charm Redux

Unfortunately all images for this home were on Tinypic and are now gone. I do not have Sims3 installed any more and I have no backup pics on my computer :(

This is a gift I made for everyone not only on the official forums but here on my blog and at LivingSims too.

Seeing as everyone has different EP's, SP's and Store content I decided to go with a purely Base Game only home, so that everybody can use it then tweak it to how they want :)  Let me tell you its hard to do just base game!! I forgot how limited you are to stuff.

The house was originally from Twinbrooks called Bygone Charm, it had good bones but was lacking in style and had no yard at all. So I gutted it, took the top floor off and plopped it on a bigger lot.

I had some problems getting it to upload (kept telling me there was stuff in it that wasn't) so some of the images include custom paintings by my Sims, I had to remove them so they are not actually in the house sorry.

I hope you enjoy it and once again thank you all so very much for everything you do! 

3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom
Nursery, Den/Study
Laundry Room
Built on 30x30 Lot

No EP's SP's or Store content used!


  1. Nice and cozy Keme I love it! downloading now and has recommend'd it..thanks a bunch.

  2. Very nice and well done. With a bit of imagination you do magic. Downloading right now. Zing

  3. I downloaded a few of your houses, this one included and they make my game crash. :-( When I go from build/buy mode, both when I have sims living there and when I'm in edit town. Which is quite sad because they are lovely.

    1. Firstly thank you for the compliment :)

      Now that is strange that they are making your game crash, all of the ones you downloaded or just one in particular? I haven't had anyone tell me that they have had that happen before.
      Did you put anything else new in your game the same time you put the homes into your game? Are you using CC or Mods?

    2. Yeah, it was the weirdest thing and it's never happened before. It was this house and The Fontaine. I have some Nrass mods and some custom hair and make up, though I don't recall if I downloaded any at the same time. I'm actually going to try to remove and reinstall the houses later.

    3. Oh wow that is really strange that it should happen on this house especially! I mean its only base game stuff and I don't even think I used the CFE cheat at all in this lot. Very weird. The Fontaine I did use the CFE a bit but I have seen other people play it so I really don't know :( Please let me know if reinstalling them helps. Would love to get to the bottom of the issue.

  4. Hi there, gotta say i love your work. Also a question if you don't mind answering please, how do you manage to keep your file size very low. I see this lot is only 6.5mb and has lots more content and deco than i use and is still a low file size. I create a house and it goes way to big file size. Please and Thank you.
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Debbie, I replied to your question on Facebook, which I see you saw :)

      If you don't use 3rd party CC I really don't know what could be making your files so big. Does it happen to all the houses you build or just certain ones?
      Do you check your lots with Custard to make sure there is no hidden CC in there, sometimes even if you don't use CC you can get it in your game by downloading from the exchange.

      I had a lot become huge (file size) on me once, I have no clue what it was that caused it. I ended up deleting everything on the lot walls, floors, objects, the works to try and see what was so large. With everything gone the empty lot was showing as some ridiculously large file size, no clue why. So some lots just get buggy I guess.