Monday, October 20, 2014

TS3 - La Nostra Villa Sogno

D.N.A Request for PrincessJen

 This renovated Italian Villa is perfect for your legacy family. It has all the modern necessities while still holding its old rustic charm. Be warned there are over 100 pics of this build! lol

I hope you enjoy your new legacy home!

6 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms
Nursery, Music Room, Study, Playroom
Sun room, Laundry, Formal Living and Dining
Gourmet Kitchen, Alfresco Dining
Gym, Media Room, Sauna, Spa, Pool
Art Studio, Science Lab, Alchemy Room
and More!
Built on 64x64 lot

Lets start the tour from outside.

As you can see the wishing well is right out front of the home.

There are 2 entrances to the house, the stairs pictured here go to the second entrance which lead the the bedrooms.

While play testing my Sim was seen ice skating on this pond :)

The garage has plenty of room to fix up that old car and a nice Orchard to the side, all the sprinklers have been upgraded.

Inside the garage there is room for 2 cars and the inventing table. There is a emergency shower in here too just in case lol

On the second level of the garage we have the artists studio, with Easel, Sculpting, Gem Cutting and Glass Blowing.

The entrance to the Science and Alchemy rooms is hidden behind some ivy under the stairs to the Artists Studio. You have all you need down here to create your simbots or potions and spells :)

There is also a bathroom down here which I don't have pictured.

The Backyard hosts the bonfire and keg for those college parties, a alfresco dining area with BBQ and Pizza Oven. Pool with Bar, waterfall and waterwheel and the hot tub with massage room and outdoor shower.

Heading around the side you have your kitchen garden and a small vineyard. The fort is the perfect place for the kids to play in those sunny afternoons.

 Going back to the front of the home we enter the main Entrance, into the foyer.

From here you can go left into the Living room, Dining room and Kitchen.

I have left some empty counters in the Dining room so you can serve your meals from them and actually have people sit at the table lol

The Kitchen has all you could possibly need or want. Canning station, Bakers oven, Deep Fryer and Ice cream maker.

Back to the foyer we can enter the sun room, here you can tend your plants or sit and have a nice cup of tea. Don't forget to feed the Cowplant! :) You can also access the kitchen garden from here.

If we go right when in the foyer that will take us down the hall with the following rooms off it...

The Study, with plenty of shelving for all your collections and awards.

The Laundry with separate toilet and access to the side yard.

The Music room where even the toddlers can join in on the fun!

and the hall ends at the play room. Pool table, karaoke, darts, dance floor all to keep the kids and kids at heart entertained.

Before we head upstairs lets go back to the foyer and check out the basement!

The Media Room has its own professional bar and popcorn machine, there is a small room behind the bar to make your own nectar.

Across form the media room is the HUGE gym :) It is two stories so that you can enjoy rock climbing and trampoline. There is a Sauna in the lower level with a shower. The upper level has a nice little martial arts area, pin pong, ballet bar and shower/toilet.

Up to the second floor! This floor consists of the master bedroom, nursery and in laws retreat.

The Master Suite has its own bathroom and balcony.

The Nursery is right down the hall.

There is another area around the stairwell to hold your collections/awards

And the in laws room.

The third floor has the children's bedrooms and spare bedrooms, both sets of room have a bathroom in between. I have only shown pics of one of the many bathrooms for they all have a similar look.

The Boys bedroom

The Girls Bedroom


And lastly the spare bedrooms.

Overviews. I have left them large for you, just click them to see the bigger picture.

Ground Floor

 2nd Floor

3rd Floor


Garage Building.
Ground Floor

2nd Floor


EP's/SP's used:
ALL expansion packs used and ALL Stuff Packs used except Katy Perry and Movie Stuff
Store Content used:
Please check exchange link for now, working on a proper list.


  1. Everything looks amazing...minus of course those creepy dolls in the girl's bedroom! Other than that I cannot say how magnificent a job you did! Very, very beautiful!

    1. LOL, you don't like my version of Tweedledum and Tweedledee? They are creepy aren't they lol

      Thank you for the compliment :)

  2. One of my favorite builds did an amazing job..Question, where can I find that tiny little doll next to the toy box in the little girls room?

    1. Thank you Miss Lynette :)

      That doll came with ta Christmas set, you can find it here

    2. You are more than welcome :)

  3. Really nice house, I loved it! Gonna download it soon, I love monte vista *-*

  4. Your Tweedledum and Tweedledee dolls are creepy but I loved them! hahah! Do I need the world midnight hollow, or can I download it separately, or only the titanic toy machine?

    1. You will actually need the world to get the creepy dolls in your game unfortunately :(

  5. wonderful house, i love it. where did u get the hanging steampunk air ship?

    1. Thank you :)

      The steam punk airship is one of the showtime simpoint rewards. I have a mod that unlocks them all :)

  6. Where i can find that mod? i love that airship and my sims dont go on simport my pc frozen when i try to send them in a tour. tnks in advance

    1. Here you go :)

      This is not the one I use, I use a combined mod that is no longer available, but this one does the exact same thing.

  7. This is a beautiful home! I love how it looks like people really live there!

  8. I really wish you could give us the list of store content because the exchange is no longer providing!

    1. I just checked the exchange and it is still showing the items list for me.

      If I get time I will try and see if I can get into this lot again and write a list (my pc doesn't like large lots anymore unfortunately)