Monday, January 12, 2015

TS3 - Amphitheater of Atlantis

D.N.A Request for Aaronsims

 Showtime Stage
Professional Bar, Toilets
Seasons Concessions Stands
Built on 50x50 Lot
This request was for a Showtime Venue in the style of the Ancient Greek Amphitheaters.
Outside features: Stage, Fire Pits, Concessions Stands, Picnics Tables, Toilets, Chess Tables, Public Speakers and PLENTY of seating! lol
Inside features: Lounges, Professional Bar with Dining, Toilets, Public Showers
Exercise Equipment, Dance Bars, Bookcases and Public Speakers.
I have it set to a Big Park, and after play testing for a few Sim days there was a Sim Fest held there :)  I also recommend if you have the Limited Edition content that came with University Life, then place the Partaeus Maximus Statue somewhere on the lot, it will force anyone that visits it to change into a Toga! lol

Concessions Stands and Toilets

Stage and Seating

Rear View

Side Entrance

Chess Tables


Bar with Dining

Female Change Rooms

Male Change Rooms


Sitting Room


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EP/SP's used:
Supernatural, Late Night, Seasons, Pets, World Adventures, Showtime
Generations, Island Paradise, Ambitions, Into the Future
Town Life and Master Suite

- India Living- Jali Bookcase
- Explorers Loot (Imperial Dragon Lute)
- Carnivale Celebration! (Mask of Mystique)
- Ivy Tower (this came with one of the free car packs, its no longer available but there is a identical one called K2 Ivy here. If this is the one you have then you will just need to place them where I have them pictured)
- Olympian Physique
- The Now & Then Century Manor (Chandelier Chain)
- Last Venue of Amore (Amber Rose Cathedral Window)
- Prism Art Studio (Jewelery Tree)
- Dragon Valley (Used the sink)
- Monte Vista (90% of the walls are from this world, also used the wine barrels)


  1. Thank you very much! I'm a huge fan of your work, and I'm always excited to see new uploads from you. Especially community lots, but everything you share is just perfect. Your decorating is so creative and inspired, and I really respect how much you do with just EA content. Keep it up! <3

    1. Thank you Buckley :) So glad you like it. You will be happy to know the next lot I am working on is another community lot too!