Saturday, February 14, 2015

TS3 - Fairhaven

This is my entry into Calmorezoo's Fairytopia Contest.  The Manor was built in the High End range of the residential category. It will fit best on the lot it was built for: 100 Main Street Riverview

3 Bedroom, Nursery, 2.5 Bathroom
Study, Alchemy Room, Wine Cellar
Indoor Pool, Gym, Green House
and more!
Built on 64x30 Lot

While building this home I had a family of well to do Nature fairies in mind. They would spend most of their time tending the garden and making pixie dust.
On to the pic spam shall we :)

Main Floor

(I hate the choices you have when taking pics of 2 story rooms :( Either a missing upper floor or a black ceiling bah!)

Kitchen with separate Toilet
Fully equipped with bake station and cannery.

Dining Room

Living Room


Second Floor

Master Bedroom


Girls Room

Boys Room




Gym and Bathroom

Alchemy Room

Basement Level 2

Wine Cellar

Treasure/Collections Room

Exterior and Garden

Split Level Green House
The upper level has the Perfect set up for creating your Plant Sims and tending to the rarer plants, while the lower level is stocked with all other harvestables
Fruit trees can be found throughout the garden, which has been upgraded with a in ground automatic watering system!

Back Deck

Back Garden


Entrance to Basement Levels

Front Garden


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EP/SP's used:
Supernatural, Ambitions, Into the Future, Island Paradise, Late Night
Seasons, University, Generations, Showtime, Pets, World Adventures
Town Life, High-End Loft, Outdoor Living and Master Suite

Store Items Used:
 See exchange link for now


  1. Beautiful sweet Kem! I love all the detail you have put into this creation! I have to have it for my game! It's Fairy Time! Thank You dear!!

    1. Thank you so much Bree. I had a blast doing it :)

  2. OMG!!! Sooo gorgeous!! loed it!! Recd!! :)) i ave noticed some store content look missing at exchange so i believe you used venues ad world items? Can you tell which ones? :) u are really talented! wish you amazing weekend!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you had a great weekend too :)

      Off the top of my head I know I used both the Dragon Valley and Midnight Hollow worlds and the The Now & Then Century Manor and Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Venues. I will make a proper list once I get a chance for you though if you like :)

  3. Its beautiful , but this big flowers.. where they get from ?

    1. Thank you!

      The large flowers are the Dew flowers from the Into the Future EP.
      You can see them there when you have a Utopian future world. I used a mod to unlock them so they would show up in my catalog. YOU don't need the mod for them to show up in your game though.

      You can read more about it here :)

  4. please do a remake of the grandpa's groove!! Its such a fun set *-* I love that place

    1. You know I have never even tried to build with any of those kind of sets, the tractor, gondola or roller coaster I wouldn't even know where to start! lol

      Something I will put on my to do list (its very very long though lol)