Saturday, January 17, 2015

TS3 - Appaloosa Plains Strip Mall

DNA request for Morakai

Consisting of:
Cozy Corner - New and Used Books. Coffee and Pastries.
Basics Clothing - Men's and Ladies Fashion.
Grapes and Gouda - Imported and Local Wines and Cheese.
Built on 20x30 Lot

This request was for a Strip Mall containing a Wine Shop, Consignment Shop and one other store (which I made into a bookstore/coffee shop)
Wine Shop has the Nectary register, Nectar Making Machine, 2 toilets and a small office.
Clothing Store has Consignment Register and 2 Magic Mirrors
Bookstore/Coffee Shop has Coffee Bar, Comic Book register and 2 toilets
There are speakers through out the 2 stores and a Dumpster in back.
A idea for you is to move or replace the consignment register in the clothing store and place the Savvy Seller items in there (if you have those) to make it a functioning store rather than mainly deco.

I moved the Local Watering Hole to where you can see circled on the top of the map and stuck the strip Mall in its place. Its right on the main street so fits right in with the rest of the area.

Cozy Corner Bookstore and Coffee Shop

Basics Clothing Shop

Grapes and Gouda wine and cheese store

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EP/SP's used:
Supernatural, Late Night, Into the Future, University, Pets, World Adventures
Showtime, Generations, Island Paradise, Ambitions
Town Life, 70's 80's 90's, Movie Stuff and Master Suite

Store Items Used: 
- The Old Dried-Up Well, Great Grandma's Butter Churn and Clustered Electric Firefly Jars
Grove Cone Ceiling Lamp
Woven Wicker Baskets
- Portable Platter and Mmmmmm! Cupcakes!
- Vineyard Vittles Shelf
- Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.1
- Rustic Hanging Basket
- Once Upon a Time Cottage- Pauper Pedestal 
- The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Round Version) and The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Box Version) 
- Harvest Bounty (Thanksgiving Wall Shelf )
- Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies (Deathly Decadence)
- Happy New Year '11 (New Year's Nectar)
- The Red Carpet Collection (Fame in a Frame)
- Olympian Physique (Grecian Towels)
 - Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (Faux Bread in a Bucket, Handy Cookie Jar, Bake-A-Lot Cookbooks and Today's Special Wall Sign)
- Prism Art Studio (Jewelry Tree)
- Stones Throw Greenhouse (Trough of Illumination)
- Barnacle Bay (Grog Barrel)


  1. I love it so much! That clothing store especially is just astounding. And it's all EA content. <3 Thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing! :) And thank you for the mediafire link as well. I recommended it on the exchange, but I prefer mediafire to download.

    1. Thank you Buckley :)

      I had so much fun doing the clothing store! I am definitely going to use some of those ideas again,

  2. Amazing! Good job!
    And can I ask you? Which mode you used for placing objects on desks? (for example box with cookies behind the counter with cashbox)

    1. Thanks DanGaga :)

      I hope I am understanding you correctly.
      When I place a lot of my decor I tend to use the wall shelves that came with ambitions, or a base game pedestal. The Jars of cookies you mentioned were placed on a wall shelf, then I shifted it so its just below the counter top so you cant see it. I of course use Move Objects On when I decorate. I hope that answered your question :)

      The best way to see how someone does something is to download the lot and tear it apart lol, I have done that with lots when I see something very cleverly done and wondered how they managed to accomplish it :)

    2. Yes, I understand, thank you :)