Monday, July 27, 2015

Sim File Share

I have just been invited to try out the new file hosting site specially made for Simmers!

It is called Sim File Share, you can find out more about it here:

I will be moving all my files from mediafire to this new hosting site over the next few weeks, if any of the links are not working please let me know :)
I urge any simmer that uploads files to try them out!


  1. hello again Kemantari how have u been?
    this new site looks exciting!! :))

    Can i ask you something related Sims 3 if i am not being too much?

    I am searching a tool, shaped like doll that help you move immovable objects on different surfaces(like couches,tables..etc) by giving coordinates(like -0,8, 1..etc)

    but i am not looking for NRAAS debug enabler or "OMSP" fm MTS.. this one was different, believe it is not change the game mods do...

    Do you have any info about it? I swear i has seen it somewhere at forums but unable to find now :(

    Oh i am "duyguugudur" from Sims 3 site :)

    take care and thanx in advance ! xxx

    1. Great to see you dear duyguugudu and thank you for the compliment :)

      I know exactly what you are talking about hun!

      It's called "Decorator's Best Friend" by Virtual Artisan you can get it here

    2. Gosh! Thank you!! it is indeed this one.. donot know it is not known much?
      Did u ever use it? or know someone who use it?

      I do wonder if it is core mod like DB Enabler.. hmm will also chcek with creator if there is ungraded version for latest patch! :)

      thank you!!

      PS: Seen ur hotel at Calmorezoo's contest, it is really down to earth & well constructed!! :) Recd!

    3. Thank you for the rec on the Hotel :)

      I have it in my game but honestly I don't use it much, I use BD enabler to move my things around, I do know the editor of LivingSims swears by it, she uses it all the time.

  2. Hey Kem I was thinking of joining up for the file share and they say that people already joined can give out a few codes. You by any chance wouldn't have one to give would you. They just say it is quicker to go that route. Let me no dear in email if you don't mind

    1. I sure do have codes Bree :) I will send one to your email.