Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TS4 - Victorian Gingerbread House (Base Game no CC)

This home is a gift to all our readers over at LivingSims!
I built this home based on a image I saw online of this beautiful Gingerbread House, now of course I couldn't make it exact (specially with no snow) but you can see that it loosely resembles it lol.
Its decorated in a Victorian/Vintage style so the rooms are nice and stuffed with lots of furniture and clutter. It only uses Base Game content too!
I hope you enjoy your gift!

4 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom
Formal Dining, Living
Study, Nursery, Hobby Room
Workout Room
Servants Quarters
Built on 40x30 Lot

 Ground Floor

Living Room
I wanted to keep with the Victoria era through out this home as much as I could so there is no TV in this room and the stereo is a gramophone.

Dining Room
The place settings will not transfer with the build unfortunately, they are just there for the pics :)

The same goes with the clutter on the island, again just for pics :)

Spare Room
I had this little "room" off the kitchen where the stairs went down to the basement, I had no clue what to do with it so I stuck a chess set in there and called it done! lol, there is also a separate toilet off this room not pictured.

2nd Floor
I love the Chandelier over the front entrance, I saw XFreezerBunnyX do it in some of his builds and had to use it in this one!


This is the shared bathroom of the children.

 Boys Bedroom
Both the boys and girls bedroom sleep 2 children, you could easily replace the 2 single beds with a double if you wanted too though. I toyed with the idea of placing a door from this bedroom onto the front balcony but couldn't find a door that matched. You could do that yourself if you like to give you even more room!

 Girls Bedroom
The dollhouse although cramped in this room does work, I play tested it with 2 children and had no issues.

Master Bathroom

 Master Bedroom

This is another room that you could change out to be a regular bedroom.


 Servants Quarters

Laundry Room
Another room that you could change into something else, maybe place the workbench in here?

Hobby Room

 Workout Room (with its own bathroom)
Again trying to keep with the Victoria era here, so I only placed a punching bag, you could add more equipment if you wanted there is plenty of room.

2nd Floor

 Ground Floor


Download in the Holiday Issue of LivingSims


  1. Hello--I am the artist that made the Victorian gingerbread house that this house is based on. These renderings are just stunning! I've always imagined what the interior would look like. I love it! Thank you!! Eduardo

    1. Thank you Eduardo :) Your gingerbread house blew my mind when I saw it and I just had to create it in the Sims4. You are very talented, have you done more gingerbread houses? I would love to see them.