Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TS3 - Medieval Market

D.N.A Request for flstrider
Consisting of:
Spell, Book and Candle - Elixir Consignment Shop.

The Lions Head Tavern - Bar with Nectar Making.

Hanna's Haberdashery - Consignment Store with Stylist Station.

Built on 30x30 Lot
This request was for a medieval market with the main building being a Elixir Consignment shop.
I had so much fun making this build! It consists of 3 stores and a market place.
The first store is the Elixir Shop and it has 5 different rooms, each one with a different use. There is a gem cutter on the first floor and a alchemy station on the third floor.
The second shop is a Tavern and has the Nectar maker in the basement
and the last store is a Haberdashery Shop with a Styling Station on the second floor.
The lot is very expensive, (over a million simoleans I think) because those relics around the market are actually relics, I went to all three WA worlds and collected them some are worth thousands of dollars lol
There is plenty to do and discover on this lot and I will try to cover it all as we go through the pics.

First a look around the market place and exterior of the Shops. Most of the market place is purely deco but you can buy and taste nectar at the Wine Stall and the "well" in the center can be dove into, there is also a rock stereo at the base of the well so there can be dancing around the may poles.

There is a small garden out back that grows all the plants from Supernatural and World Adventures for potion and nectar making and four Bee Hives

There are two outhouses (all in one bathrooms) on the lot

Night time shot.

The Spell, Book and Candle
The bird can be cleaned and fed even though the stand is hidden by the counters, I play tested to make sure :)
Wands and Candles are sold in the front room.

The next room is for Gem Cutting and Crystal Ball making

Books and scrolls are sold on the second floor, there is also a place to do a little reading or studying.

Insects of all kinds are sold in this room, this also a great place to set up some terrariums.

On the third floor is where you will find the potion making room.

The Lions Head Tavern
Only the best wine and mead is sold here :)

There is only one toilet in this shop and its located on the first floor.

The second floor is for entertainment. You can watch the bards perform on the small stage, challenge someone to a game of chess or dominoes or just relax and read a good book.

In the Basement is the Nectar Machine and the Tavern Keeps Quarters
(I always like to stick a bed on a community lot just in case the NPC's get tired lol

Hanna's Haberdashery

I stuck a consignment register in this shop but you could change it to what ever you wanted, I just wanted to have a NPC in the building.

The viewing room where the Lords and Ladies can choose fabrics to have there clothes or tapestry's made. 

On the second floor is where you will get fitted for your new clothes, this is where the Styling Station is. As far as I can tell no stylist will show up with the lot assigned as a elixir consignment store, but you can still use the station.

This is where all the fabric is made

On the third floor is where Madame Rosa can read your future (all purely deco)

And now for the overviews!

EP/SP's used:
Supernatural, Pets, Island Paradise, World Adventures, Seasons, Late Night, Into the Future, University, Showtime, Generations, Ambitions
Town Life, Outdoor Living, Movie Stuff and Master Suite

Store Items Used:

Harvest Bounty Set (free)


  1. Going in my game for sure!! ♥♥♥

  2. Fantastic lot Kem. I'm downloading this one too... gotta check out the details. Saw stuff I never even knew was available. Well done :-)

  3. wow this is perfect!!!! is it for sims3 or 4

  4. A new Sims 3 build! And it's a community lot! *_* Awesome job, I adore it. I wish I had my medieval legacy still, but it's wonderful and I'm sure I'll use it in one of my saves anyway. Your creativity and attention to detail amazes me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. You are more than welcome Buckley.

      And thank you so much for the lovely compliment :)

  5. Kem, as always your lots are lovely; thanks for sharing them; also I was wondering would you mind doing an farmers market on a lot no bigger than 3x2? I love playing your lots they make the game so much more fun to play.

    1. Thank you :)
      Did you perhaps mean 30x20? Because 3x2 is TINY! lol
      Did you have anything in mind for a farmers market, I really wouldn't even know where to begin. Is there certain store content you would want included, off the top of my head I remember some kind of stands from one of the store sets, I think that they could work really well in a farmers market. The only thing that concerns me about doing one is that there really isn't a lot of food type deco to use so it may look a bit repetitive.

  6. Oh, Kem, thank you for responding back to me I have been checking this thread; and yes I mean 30x20 or even 30x30; If you have Alfresco market I would love to see the harvest stand,and lemonade stand, a tiny garden section where Sims can go and pick fruit from the some of the game trees, and vegetables using the planters, I would love a section like in picture number 5 just for display. Also I would like the chair, dining table, coffee table and the bench used from the green house set for eating and relaxing, I also would love to see a section that sells plants, The fake fruit basket,fruit bowl from the game {sorry don't know the name}, and the picnic basket. I hope this helps; if you need more let me know.

  7. Kem, on the Farmers Market idea I you could use the Milk in Dairy Cow set and the chicken fowl set as well, and during different season have the garden section change out like for fall it will be pumpkins, summer can be the lemons, cherry tree etc. I hope I have given you enough to work with. Thank you so much for this. Also if you need to I will take a small lot as low as 20x20, but no bigger than 30x30; I love all your lots and want to make sure it fits in my game.

    1. I have all store content so anything that you would like used will be no problem :)

      So you would want the seasonal lot marker on it to change during each season?
      I have played around with that a bit and know that plants (like from the actual build mode) cant change each season, but I don't know about the spawners from buy mode. Will be interesting to see.
      I will mess around with it and let you know here what i can come up with!

    2. Oh and what kind of building would you want on it? I will have to make one to hold the toilets or I can use the outhouses that come with the Movie stuff pack so it would look like the Pumpkin patch lot I did here:

  8. Yes, the seasonal lot markers would be great, and I prefer if you use the outhouses like in the pumpkin patch lot. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see what you have done; I know it will be great because all of your lots are.

    1. I have been playing around with this lot and I had a bunch of things change for each season but it started to become really laggy :( So at the moment I have one stand that is seasonal, a "event tent" I guess you could call it, that changes with each season and the harvestable area that changes. I also made a small building that houses the concession stand (cause I think that are super ugly on their own lol) that changes with each season. I am almost done with it I just have to do the fall season :)

  9. Thank you so much for working on it: If you can't make it seasonal that will be fine with me; anything you do will be greatly appreciated. I love playing with all your lots whether they are seasonal or not.

  10. Hi Kem, I am just checking in concerning the Farmers Market to see how things are coming along? and to thank you once again for all your hard work and taking the time out to do this type of lot I know it will be gorgeous like all you lots are.

    1. Hey there :) I haven't had a chance to get back into this lot for a while (sorry about that) last time I was in there I had it almost finished and the game crashed on me and of course I hadn't saved lol. Will hopefully be able to get it done this week :)

  11. Thank you, Kem I do appreciate it.

  12. Hi Kem, just checking in to see if you are still able to work on the Farmers Market lot; if not I still want to say thank you for all your hard work; I know that in real life we all have other things to do; I do appreciate all the wonderful lots that you have already given us much love and thank you.

    1. I want to apologize for leaving you hanging all this time with your request. Real life took a major turn for the worse on me and I stopped playing Sims. When i finally went to try and play again the game wouldn't recognize my video card and while trying to fix that problem I ended up breaking the whole dam game :(
      Luckily a friend came to the rescue and was able to pull the lot out of the save I sent her. So I have uploaded it to Sims File Share. Now I am pretty sure that's its mostly done, if I can remember correctly there may be one season that one stall wasn't finished. If you are still interested the lot can be found here:
      Once again I am Soooooo sorry for the delay.

    2. Kem, I am so glad to hear that you are okay, but sad to hear you have been having a hard time; even in this midst of all that I do thank you for still thinking about the Farmers Market lot, I do appreciate it.

    3. I am so glad you saw this, I felt terrible about leaving you in the dark all that time and wanted to make sure that you knew there was a valid reason. I hope that if you do still play TS3 and grabbed the lot that it works for you.