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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

TS-4 Christmas Village

Well this is a HUGE lot, the biggest I have done so far in Sims 4. 
It is my entry into IrrelephantSims Christmas build competition.
 4 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom
Built on 64x64 Lot

There were 4 themes to go with and I chose the Santa's Workshop theme.
It started off as just that and ended up as a whole village lol. There are 5 buildings on the lot, (8 if you include the 2 restrooms and gazebo) the Workshop, Santa's House, stables for the reindeer with housing for some of the workers, a cottage and a shack. There is also a ice cave under the workshop.

It is set as a residential lot but I would recommend setting it to a community lot, the bills are about 25,000!

Because of the size of the build and the many many items used on the lot, it takes a while to load and can be laggy if you don't have a great PC. I used a lot of the packs to build it, but honestly some of the items used could be replaced with base game content. 
It was very hard to get good shots of the building because of all the trees, and it looks much better in game. There are lots of little details that again were hard to get good shots of so I do recommend having a look in game.

So on with the pic spam!

Firstly some shots of the whole village:

The Stables:

Here you can see Santa's Sleigh getting loaded up with gifts

Back of the Stables

There are 4 pens inside the stable for the reindeer

The reindeer in this image was made by TheKalinotr0n

Behind the pens is a area to take care of the reindeer

This is the living quarters in the stables
Downstairs is the lounge, dining and kitchen.

Upstairs is the sleeping quarters and bathroom.
Unfortunately the top bunks are just for show.


Santa's House:

Living and dining.



Upstairs is the Bedroom.


The next 2 buildings were built around the back to fill space and make it look more like a actual village, I had planed on leaving them empty but they got the better of me and I had to fill them up lol.

It was really hard to get a good shot of the front of this due to its location, it looks like a hot mess in these pics but its much nicer in game, there is a well to the side and a tiny yard out back.
There is no bathroom inside the cottage but there is a restroom with shower right next door.

Kitchen and Living room.

Upstairs Bedroom.


The Shack:
I had no clue what to do with this tiny build so I made it into a shack (kinda) There is a bathroom inside but it was to small to get a shot of, you can see it in the overview.

There is no kitchen in this build but there is a fire pit where they can cook their meals.


The Workshop:

When you first enter there is a sitting room for visitors.

The workshop is where all the toys are made.
The big wall of windows was made overlaying many small windows then a arch. If you load the lot and the windows are not showing correctly just delete the 2 tile arch at the top of each set of windows then hit the undo button and they will appear like this. The baking machine and workbenches both are usable.

This is where all the toys are wrapped.

Upstairs are the offices and break room. 
There is also a bathroom and little kitchen.

This is where the mail comes in and the elves can watch Santa's journey on the map.

and this is Santa's office.


Ice cave:
There is a ice pool and fire pit in the cave, apart from that its empty. You could put all kinds of stuff down here :)


There are 2 more building on the lot, another Restroom and the Gazebo.

I was going to use the debug restroom from Outdoor retreat, but decided to make my own to blend in better with the rest of the lot. 

And of course the whole village looks much better at night!

Origin ID: Kemetari1771

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