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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

TS4 - Halloween Shop

Retail Store with small Apartment
1 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
Built on 30x20 Lot

 I got the Halloween bug big time and seeing as I can't decorate my own home I figured I would build something instead :)
This is a Costume and Decoration Shop. 
Unfortunately most of the items in the Decoration side of the shop can not be sold in game because of the way I placed them. I wanted the shop to look full and used Moo to place most of them. There is still plenty to sell and a few big ticket items so you can still make money.

Costume side of the store.


Decoration side of the store.

There is a place to carve pumpkins outside.

Upstairs Apartment.

Even though it looks best at night I can understand that it is hard to see what it actually looks like so here are some day time shots of the exterior.


Origin ID: Kemetari1771

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