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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TS4 - San Myshuno Vet Clinic

4 Exam Rooms, 1 Surgery, Laboratory
Cattery, Kennels, Training ground
Staff Room, Public Toilets
Grooming Shop
Built on 30 x 30 Lot

Industrial Styled Vet Clinic to suit San Myshuno.
The Exam Rooms each have a pet door so that you can lock the main door for just staff (if you want to) so you don't get other Sims clogging up your room. (saw that nifty trick from Sim Supply) 3 Exam Rooms are on the main floor and 1 is on the 2nd floor which also has the surgery station, this is the room I used for my own vet and locked the door for only me.
The laboratory has 4 perfect Catnip plants. The Grooming shop is mainly for decoration though you can bathe dogs in there. There are 2 waiting areas with Espresso Machines.
There is a shower, comfy couch and microwave in the staff room (fridge in the laboratory) so you should be able to take care of all your Sims needs while on the lot.
The Kennels and Cattery actually work, pets were going in there to eat and nap all the time :)
Fully play tested and the only issue I came across is that sometimes if you have the Exam Room doors locked, when you go to bill the owner it will give you a route fail (or they just stand there and do nothing) because the owner can not come to you. Easily fixed by just taking your Sim out of the room and then billing the owner. Oh and you might need to get rid of the TV in the foyer, one of my vets had a tendency to watch TV a little to much when customers were waiting lol.


Exterior, Training Ground and Kennels


Grooming Shop

First Floor Exam rooms (2 are almost identical)


2nd Floor Exam Room with Surgery Station

Waiting Room



Staff Room


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