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Sunday, March 18, 2018

TS4 - Palais de Fusion

Bar, Take out, Pastry Displays
2 Chef Stations, Perfect Kitchen Garden
2 Public Restrooms
Seats 35
Built on 30 x 20 Lot

A mix of European and Asian cuisine, Palais de Fusion is a sophisticated dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds. Treat your self to a five course meal or simply grab a tasty pastry to go. Whatever you decide Palais de Fusion will not disappoint. Open Brunch through Dinner.

This is my entry into Build-n-Share Challenge #90 - East Meets West over on the forums.
We had to build a Asian European fusion restaurant with a budget of $80000.
After many attempts this is what I came up with.
I tried to go with "Frenchish" architecture with hints of Asian in the decor. There is a empty room upstairs that you can turn into a studio apartment (please look to the very end of the post for a optional room download for this), staff area or a place for the cupcake machine. You can set it to either a restaurant or a retail shop (if you wanted to run it as a bakery instead)
There is a perfect garden out back with all the harvestables you would need to bake/cook all bakery type recipes. (except the death flower)


Al Fresco Dining


Bar and Bakery
I tried to make this area look like this is where the customers would wait for their tables or takeout. You could even just come in and order a espresso and pastry to go or sit out side in the fresh air :)
Lots of little details in this room I do hope they come across in the pics.

Wait Station

Dining Area


Public Restroom
There is a separate male and female restroom, they are identical.

Kitchen Garden
All plants are perfect quality


DOWNLOAD Sim File Share

Origin ID: Kemetari1771

Optional Studio Apartment
(Judges please ignore this part)
After finishing the Build I really wanted to show how you could utilize that spare room as a room where Tiàowu and Clotilde could freshen up or spend the night if they have had a busy night at the restaurant. I figured I would upload it as a room if anyone wants to be able to just plop it in and go without having to make their own. :)


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