Wednesday, January 9, 2019

TS4 - Laugh N' Learn

Daycare/Pre School
Reading Room, Class Room
Lunch Room, Play Room
Nap Room, Bathroom
Playground and Greenhouse
Built on 30x30 Lot

This is my entry into Build-n-Share Challenge #110 - Young Minds over on the forums.
We had to create a Daycare Center with a open plan for a budget of $89,000

The client, Mr Gizinski wanted to "Expand the minds of our youth, bringing the wide knowledge of the world into their grasps and watching their eyes fill with wonder.”
"My daycare isn’t just a babysitting service, I teach them things that the schools don’t. Sure, they learn math and languages, but what about a love of arts? Appreciation for nature? Ancient history and future technologies?"

This daycare does just that, there are your traditional subjects to learn about but also gardening to grow there own meals and pets to teach the kids responsibility.
A bright and colorful school ready to expand and inspire the minds of our youth.

Not only does the greenhouse grown fresh fruits and vegetables for the students meals but it also teaches them about nutrition.

Lunch Room.

Play Room.

Class Room.

This desk is for the assistant.


 Reading and Music Room.

Nap room.



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