Saturday, October 30, 2010

TS3 - Castle Keep.

Well I finally took on a big build and made my very first Castle :) Its a small Castle inside a keep with a Tavern and little Chapel kind of thing. Fully Furnished and Landscaped. Once again there is No CC, Expansions or Store Content used in this build, but my game is patched to date for the fountain and staging. I recommend you get a no fire mod or do not use the fireplaces. I had multiple fires going while play testing! Was very

 Castle has 6 Bedrooms with their own bath.
2 Studies, Toilets, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Throne Room
Dungeon with indoor pool and cells.

Tavern has 5 Bedrooms
Kitchen, Bar and Toilets.

Built on 60x60 Lot
Price $387.518
 (Edit, I uploaded it to the Sims3 site and for some reason it said you need Ambitions and some store "cool kicks" item. I have no clue why its saying this I didn't use anything from Ambitions and I don't even have any people in it! Unless its from one of the ghosts? This is really confusing...)

1st Floor
Throne Room
Games Room/Bar
Dining Hall
2nd Floor
Guest Bedroom 1
Guest Bedroom 2
Guest Bedroom 3
Nursery and Wet Nurses Room
3rd Floor
Lords Bedroom
Lords Study
Ladies Bedroom
Ladies Garden
 1st Floor
2nd Floor
1 of the 5 Bedrooms
Altar to the Goddess
Private Graveyard with 2 ghosts! (hopefully)
Rear of Keep
Secret Door into Gardens :)


  1. oh my god that's just awesome!! you made it - again! The most genius thing is the tavern! I simply love it!

    but I would rather have your lots furnished, 'cause it costs too much time to furnish them yourself and yours looks so great.

    just a suggestion... ;)

  2. So glad you like it :) I'm a little confused about the furnishing thing. Did you mean this one or all of my lots? Cause this one is fully furnished.

  3. This castle is beyond amazing. I have to have it. NO CC? Wow, even better!! Thanks so much for sharing it. If I use it in one of my machinimas, I will let you know. :)

  4. Your so very welcome. I am in the middle of building another one for a challenge, trying to make it CC free so I can share it :)

  5. I just installed this castle and I am freaking in love with it! It has great flow and I adore your decor. I made my avatar take a tour of the whole place, lol. At first the game was spawning fishes in some random places like the tavern and the graveyard. Fishes were jumping out of the ground for no apparent reason, lol. They disappeared, though, after a little while. But thanks for the old and smelly waffles in the kitchen and the dirty dish in the dining hall. Hehe. Anyways, Kem, I truly love your build. Thanks a million. :)

  6. HAHA I totally forgot about those dishes! It wasn't till I as looking at the pics that I noticed them and by then I couldn't be bothered going in AGAIN and cleaning them Weird about the fish though. I had a lot of trouble with those spawners too.

    You will have to check back soon for I have built another castle and this one is HUGE! Its more like a village really.