Friday, February 4, 2011

TS3 - Castle Windenvale.

Challenge me to Build 2.5

sebausten Wrote: I therefore challenge you to build a genuine medieval castle. In it there will be every building that a castle in those days had; a keep, a great hall, various outbuildings like stables, brewery... and of course let us not forget a chapel. Shall I need to add that you will need to add the defensive wall, complete with battlements and towers?
I decided to go ahead and make it available for download if anyone is interested.
Be warned though the file is HUGE! 19mb Download link at the bottom.
A big thank you to candlelight82 from MTS for her great ideas.

It has No 3rd party CC, everything I have used is either from a EP or the store.
Castle has 6 Bedrooms with their own bath.
Plus 3 empty rooms to do with as you please.
Study, 2 Toilets, Kitchen, Dining Hall
Throne Room, Games Room, Laundry
Dungeon with cells.

Tavern has 3 Bedrooms
 Bar, Nectary and Toilets.
Guards Quarters has 2 Bedrooms, Sitting Room
Gym and Steam Room
There are Public Baths which have 2 Pools and Spa

Apothecary, Scribe, Artist Workshop and Inventors shop
Fully Furnished and Landscaped
Built on 64x64 Lot
All EP's needed and many store items.

On with the picture spamming!

Please let me know if something isn't right and I will fix it. Due to the size of this file it does take a few minutes for it to be placed.


(This file is showing up as corrupted. The download link has been removed until I can fix it)

 I used items from both the Castle and Gothic Sets I also used the WA pre order gifts.
The store items that cost points are only deco and not needed.

Topper, Towel Drying Stand, Silence is Golden Box, The Desert’s End, Country Carved Tableware Cabinet


  1. WOW! Ok seriously this castle is freaking amazing, I can't imagine how much time and effort it took to build! I just wish my sims had a reason for a big castle village in their neighborhood. Lol I'm sure I can invent something :) Really great Kem!

  2. Awww thanks Beatdoc, mean a bunch coming from your talented butt! lol

  3. If someone doesn't think creating something like this doesn't take talent, they're crazy. Yowzer! You got mad skills girl!

  4. Thanks Velvet! Maybe I can be as good as you guys one day :)

  5. Wow!! Wow!! This is a must have for me! I love it already! Drool!!

  6. could i use this in a story because it is a bout a queen and her sister and ive been searching the exchange for a decent town and wow.....This looks fricken Fantastic!!!!!!! I love all your creations!

  7. Why thank you sooo much! You may certainly use this lot for any story you want. Have fun with it!

  8. I really love this castle! <3
    But the problem is, When I download it, I doesn't comes in my game?!
    Could you help me please!

    1. Okay, what exactly is happening. Is it showing up in your launcher as installed content?

    2. the same thing happens to me every time! I love this castle and really want it! for me it downloads to my launcher and then i install it and that works too, but when i go to the game to place it its not there! i really love the castle and i really want to use it with the expansion pack that just came out!

    3. I have heard of this happening with some peoples lots before. I know there is a fix of some kind around I will have to see if I can find it. If I cant find it I guess I can go and re upload it and see if that works?

    4. Okay a little searching and I came up with this..

      KarinL @ The Sims 3 Community site.

      "I have had this problem only with houses/lots that contain store items. I know that they say that store items that aren't in your game should be 'replaced'. But instead, the lot never showed.

      What I did as a workaround was:
      - remove DCBackup from the Sims 3 folder
      - install a lot
      - go to the newly created DCBackup - it should contain only one package file

      Take out the package file and put it in your Library folder. Then start the game to see whether it shows up.

      It's not a foolproof method, but it worked for me a few times.

      Oh, and if you're concerned about DCBackup, you can just put it on the desktop and then put it back. You really don't need it to play the game, though."

      I will let you know if I find out anything else, I have opened a thread about this over at LivingSims.

  9. Hello Kementari, again really another amazing Castle! O.O I haven't seen this one in ur studio or creation thread! Did i overlooked it? Sooo amazing!! It is duyguugudur from site...

    I had seen that this is created in february 2011, so which e& sps you used? Umm since i started to follow recently have no clue abt publishing times.. *blushing* also i was unable to find blw store content...weird EA!

    Ivy Tower ,Nature’s Blades, Caged Bounty, Imperial Dragon Lute - The Dragon’s Vase

    1. Hi there duyguugudur :)

      Wow this was a old build lol, I took this one down from the exchange for it was showing as corrupted and I just haven't had the chance (read that as keep forgetting) to go back into it and see what was causing the issue.

      The missing items were part of the prius set, a free set from the store that they have taken down. I have updated the list with other versions of the items but I am afraid that if you don't have the ones from the prius set it will replace them with other items. You would have to place the new ones yourself :(

      Also I used some WA pre order items that you can no longer get, these will also be replaced and you will notice it the most in this room here

      AS for the EP's Sp's used? lol, I really don't remember, I THINK it was just WA, Ambitions and Late Night.

      A few other things about this build. Seeing as they changed the way ceiling lights function in the game now the fire pit in one of the stores will not show correctly, or the light over the well I believe :(

    2. Lol i thought that they were CC ,such a shame tt WA pre orders and piraus set items are unavailable now! Is also the knife stuck at map on the wall is also one of those items? (it was in ur newest castle lot ;) )

      It is good that i have the eps you had at that time :)

      Do you ever plan on it to put it exchange again? It would be shame not to share this amazing castle :)
      but no pressure to you,i was just curious that's all!!

      Thank you again! :)

    3. Oh most definitely plan of fixing this lot, just keep forgetting and now that I am creating for the DNA team I don't have a lot of free time, but it is still on my "to do" list :)

      That map with the knife in it is out of a treasure chest from the Island Paradise EP, if you have IP then the map should appear.

    4. Aha well noted my friend! :)) It is good to hear tt it is in ur "to do" list! :))

      You are really good builder! I do have IP,ITF now but haven't installed yet as my laptop is unable to carry it currently. Even now i am unable to play without extreme lagging! Thank God it didn't interfere with my building part,no lagging thre. Very interesting isn't it? lol

      Thank you again and see u! Wish you a nice week!

    5. Thank you duyguugudur!

      I know what you mean about lagging, I have the same problem though not as bad as you by the sound of it. If I have my game open for 2 long it starts to lag and I need to restart it. I suppose it doesn't help that I have almost ALL store content, EP;s and SP;s installed lol I also play with my game on high setting >.<

      Is it a overheating thing maybe with the laptop? I have heard that they do that with the Sims.

    6. lol might be :) i had bought special external fan thing to support it, but i guess ram is a bit low for gaming or laptop free space at C: driver is not much >.< hmm or there is a virus that make my laptop work slow? weird that i can build easily but when i am game option to it keeps stucking, for example i choose "go" from A point to "B" and even the distance is not big it takes very long time to reach because every step it take , the game pause a bit! O.o ...trying to convince my husband to change better one, but we are financially a bit tight right now! Who knows maybe towards end of winter? :)

      It is good to hear that u can still function better than me ! :) *big hugs* xxx

    7. You know I had this very same issues with one build i was doing, it worked out to be that save was just buggy. Does it do it with all your saves or just the one?

    8. Ohh actually it started after a sim i created and played... then my new game is also laggy now. Maybe not the game but "sim" is issue? because in this new game i also used same "sim"... :/

      Interesting, thank you for giving me something to consider, i will delete my old laggy game and create a new game with different sim and see if there is still a issue? O.o

      wish you an amazing day!

      PS: we are keep speaking here but donot want to over-shadow ur blog here. hope it dont bother you?Sorry >.<

    9. Oh yeah check your Sim, do you have any CC used with that Sim, or maybe even some hidden CC sneaked in somewhere, OR maybe that Sim is just glitchy! lol, who knows with this game :P

      And I don't mind the comments at all, if you want to chat more about this and feel bad posting on the comments section you can email me at my Sim email:

  10. Please please fix it, I really need this lot omg its so awesome.

    1. Thanks for showing interest in this build Ash :)

      Unfortunately my computer can't handle the Sims 3 much anymore, I don't think I would even be able to load this lot up :( When I get a chance I will look and see if I can.

    2. That's a shame! I was really looking forward to downloading this magnificent work and playing in-game :(
      Hope things work out for you.

    3. Thanks :)

      I recently had a bit of a upgrade to my PC, I have yet to start installing all my Sims 3 content though. The thought of doing it is so daunting lol

  11. Does anyone have a copy of this you can share? The lot itself probably wasn't corrupted, it just showed that way because you used custom images.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I just checked all my files and I no longer have tihs I don't have TS3 on my computer anymore :( I have no idea if anyone has a copy of it either. I think the reason it was showing up as corupted was because i used some CC in there and forgot about it. I have no clue what I have done with this build. It may be lost forever. I will keep looking and if I come across it I will upload it for you.

    2. After digging a little further i came across my old TS3 saves I uploaded as backup to Sims File Share, now I have no idea if its in one of those or which one it might be in if it is. Maybe the "My Lots" or "Challenges" save? but here is a link to the folder with them all in it.