Sunday, March 27, 2011


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My wonderful friend RD had asked me to be a part of her latest blog train, and of course I was so excited to be involved in something so fun and with such wonderful people. 
This go around the theme is Gourmet Kitchen

At first I was at a loss as to what to build, you cant really just build a kitchen now can you! lol
So for you my friends I have created not one but TWO builds :)
They are both Coffee Shop/Bar/Restaurants but in two styles. The first is a trendy internet cafe and the second is a Irish pub with beer garden. Both have no 3rd party CC so you can fill them up with all the goodies you will getting on your train ride :)


Mocha Molly's

A Trendy Internet Cafe where you can relax and unwind with friends.
Upstairs is a blank canvas for you to create either another shop or a apartment :)

(This file is showing up as corrupted. The download link has been removed until I can fix it)

Shimrock Tavern 
The little Irish Pub that already sounds like your tipsy :)

 (This file is showing up as corrupted. The download link has been removed until I can fix it)

Store Items used:
Topper, VDB Overhead Cabinet, Ivy Tower


  1. Oooh these will make great additions to my neighbourhood. Was lovely to have you on board this time :) You always deliver perfection.

  2. Wow!Both of them are Gorgeous Kem! I just gotta download these!

    I'm happy you joined! You did a Spectacular job with these Lots! :)

    Thanks! <3

  3. Definitely two amazing builds. They both have so much character. I'm in love with the outdoor eating areas for both lots.

  4. Both of these lots are freakin incredible! Your amazing attention to detail just never ceases to amaze me. Definitely getting these beauties in my game once I've got my desktop back.

    Thanks so much for the gifts and for being apart of this with all of us

  5. Oh my! Kem! Those are fabulous! I'm awestruck! *applause*

  6. Wow! I'm totally amazed Kem *beating heart*, these are so beautiful. But you always amaze me with your talent. Now my sims have two nice places to hang. Thank you!