Friday, July 27, 2012

TS3 - Harvest Homestead.

I have been working on this home off and on since Pets was released and I am finally somewhat happy enough with it to share with you all :) Its a HUGE house, it takes up most of the lot. It was built in Appaloosa Plains so the lot size is not a typical size (Sorry about that) But you could place it on a larger lot and add more to the yard, add a lot size big enough for it fit to your game or stick it in Appaloosa where it belongs :) It is decorated with a lot of Autumn decor for the coming Season.
 Oh and did I say it was HUGE!  lol

It has one pattern that is from the store and the Porterman Glass Doors attached to the file that I can not seem to remove. If I do I can not upload it to the exchange. Also the exchange is listing it as having 3 Tiki items that are not in the build but it is not listing 5 other free items that are :(

5 Bedroom, 3 Full Bathrooms, 2 Half Bath
Study, Game Room, Laundry, 
Large Garage/Workshop, Pool
Built on 40 x 50 Lot

I have all EP's up to Pets and the Outdoor Living SP


  1. This is fantasic! I can't wait to try this lot!

  2. I think is the MOST BEATIFUL house I've never seen!!
    Well, all your creations are so so amazing!
    <3 ;)

    1. Awww thank you. I had a blast doing this house :)

  3. Hey Kementari.. this is like my third time re downloading this lot because of game issues.. but for some reason or another the wood floor tile used outside by the pool and most of the deck did not load with the lot.. can you please tell me what floor tile you used.. Thanks.

    1. Okay I looked into this and it seems that the floor tile is actually a pattern, It must of snuck in there somehow. All I can tell you is that the name is called "wood" and its from Pralinesims TSR. My Sims 3 game is broken so I cant get into it anymore to change it sorry :(