Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TS3 - Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
This is my entry into the  Build A Bistro; Win A Bistro! contest on the official forums.

2 Chef Stations, Professional Bar
Band, Seating for 48
Horse Facilities

Inspired by the Medieval Times Restaurant Chain

I built this on a 40x40 lot so that you have more options on where to place it. I highly recommend using a bigger size lot to give more room on the sides for the horses.  It is still playable without any routing issues on this size though. 
I had a lot of trouble getting the seating right so that the Chefs could take your order no matter where someone sat. Note to all, Chefs do not like 3 tiled tables lol. Neither do they like having tables up against each other. Seems the ideal layout is to have a little space between every two seats.
I used a lot of stuff from the Dragon Valley world so I recommend having that installed.

Enjoy a tasty cocktail before the show at the bar.

Kitchen stations for two professional chefs.

One of the two bathrooms

Each corner has a mini stage where different scenes of the show take place.
(Read that as plenty of things for Sims to do on this lot lol)

Hidden Room behind the bed with Magic Mirror inside.

Hidden library behind the bookcase...shhhhhhh

Plenty of seating so you are guaranteed a seat even on the busiest nights!

Birds eye view of the tournament no matter where you are seated.

The overview showing the two secret rooms.

I have all EP's, SP's and Worlds except Lunar Lakes.
Store Items used:


  1. I have been to this show several times with family and friends. You have done an amazing job! A well deserved rec was given :-) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you!

      I am so jealous I have never been to anything like this but would love to go.

  2. Well Done! I have never been but I bet this is a close representation