Friday, January 10, 2014

TS3 - Rosemow Gardens

Just a little something I made as a thank you gift for a amazing lady.

Chess Tables, Playground
Cafe, Toilets, Picnic area
Built on 30x30 Lot

I will list the things I used from each EP, as you can see its not a lot so if you dont have one of the EP's listed it really wont make much of a difference, except maybe Island Paradise for the bathrooms.

Ambitions (Magnolia Tree and Ceiling Light)  Late Night (Young Maple Tree and Menu Board)
Showtime (Fountain and Gates)  World Adventures (Light Posts and Urns)
Seasons (Bee Rider and Snow Cone Machine)  Generations (Swing and Seesaw)
Island Paradise (All in one Bathroom, Bistro Table, Umbrella and Wall Light)  
Pets (Ceiling Light)  University (Mini Fridge and Coffee Bar)
Supernatural (Wall Plate Rack)


  1. Thank you, It's truly beautiful, it will be perfect in my world :D ~

  2. Simply stunning...

    Question - have I simply overlooked that splendid wrought iron arch you are using? In the game somewhere? A store item? I've searched all over google attempting to locate it, but have come up empty.

    I don't recall ever seeing it before.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

      The Arch is a base game item. I THINK its under misc deco. Its called Graveyard something. I am not in game right now but I will look next time I am and give you the exact name and price :)

    2. Thanks! I'm doing the typical cc download junkie thing and playing with my files instead of building something in my game... sigh. I probably won't open it for at least another couple of hours :)

    3. lol, I have spent so many hours/days doing that with my CC files! So I know what you mean.

      The sign is called Cemetery Sign and it cost $365. It is in Misc Deco in my game but I do have a mod that re-categorizes a lot of things so I am not sure if that is where it will be in yours.

    4. Thanks so much for letting me know. I will find it when I get back into the game. A few more times of adding in the sims3packs before I can actually do that, though. Darn pattern files... lol. I finally learned to just add them through the launcher. Otherwise I use ccmagic to do everything. What do you use to organize your cc?

    5. I tend to make all my CC into package files (except counters) then I merge them into larger packages with S3PE. I don't use patterns that cant be changed to package files. I have to much EA content in my launcher to start adding CC in there too lol

      I am a bit of an organizing freak so I have all my CC in many sub folders sorted by artist. Then I place so many artists into a new folder (say package 1) then I copy all the files to S3PE and make a new large package. I hope that makes sense lol

      I have heard of CC magic but honestly I kinda stopped using CC about the time it came out so I know nothing about it.

    6. Guess what I found? The cemetery arch with the "scary" stuff removed... replaced with butterflies (and I believe, castable)... Here is the link (just past the middle of the page):

      I thought you might to take a look...

    7. Oh that is cute isn't it!

      Thank you for the link :)

  3. I was using s3pe but it became cumbersome - ccmagic basically does what s3pe does, only quicker (for me). The only things I don't load through it are lots or patterns (unless they already come as package files). It will tell me if I inadvertently attempt to load a pattern that has issues. I can even drop in rar or zip or 7 files. I do, however, prefer to open up those types because many artists put both sims3packs and package files into their download files. The program (cc magic) will create a large package file, then more as needed. It just made the whole thing easier for me, as I have thousands and thousands (and thousands) of cc files. I can even still organize by artist or type or whatever... then just load what I want through the configuration option.

    Sigh (again)... then my only problem is finding what I'm looking for while in the game... lol

    1. CC magic sounds like a great tool but it still confuses me lol I am sure that once I played around with it that I would get used to it and I like the idea of being able to load in what CC i want when I want. I MAY look into it lol

      As for the problem of finding it in game, ugh isnt that annoying!
      What I did was each time I download new CC I would test it in game by itself first, while I was there I would add it to one of the many Collection files I made.
      The first time I made my collection files was such a PITA, took me almost a week to go through everything bit by bit. But once I had them set up anything new I got was easily added to the files. I even added EA stuff, so I never went into the Decoration tab ever lol

    2. I look for collection files... and ccmagic lets me add collection folders... but I add so much, I get lazy about adding to the collections. My problem is that I love everything I see. I really don't think I need 50 different couches, or beds, or whatever; but, when I see it, I want it. At least I can use the sims cc as an alternative to shopping out in the real world. lol

    3. lol, I was exactly the same! Now I am really picky about my CC, it has to be top quality and something different than what i already have. I think I have halved my CC but I still have about 6000 files >.<

    4. If only (me with less than 6,000 files)! :)