Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TS3 - Bridgeport Square

This little park is the perfect hangout for your Urban Artsy Sims. Plenty of walls to practice your Street Art, Easels and Sculpting on the roof. Catch up with friends at the Eco Cafe and Wine Bar. Sit back, take in the Hardscape and Water Features. Watch the square transition from day to night! 

Built on 30x30 lot

Night time!

I have all EP's and SP's
Store Items Used:


  1. thank you very much, is very urban and beautiful, perfect for Bridgeport! I can ask you a question? What's site in the city I must place it? sorry my inglish (google translator : \ ) a big bear hug 4 U!

    1. Thank you :)

      Off the top of my head I cant remember the name if the lot, but I did delete one of the smallest sized lots that a high rise was on. Was about 36x30 something. I then deleted the actual lot and placed the 30x30 lot. I would of made it to fit the exact lot but it was for a competition and the lot had to be exactly 30x30

      I am pretty sure it was the one I have circled on this map

  2. It is both beautiful and original (and it's someone who dislikes modern art that tells you that)
    Thanks !

    1. Thank you so much!

      I am not a big fan of Modern myself, so this was something new to me :)

  3. Amazing... You have and eye foe detail.... ;) Zing

  4. Very Nice Keme......

    You are doing some good work.


    1. TIV! Thank you so much for visiting my little slice of Sims world :P

      love you!

  5. It is duyguugudur from Sims 3 site again..

    Ohhh i had just seen it!! such a beautiful modern park!! I loved it!! I love this kind of looks in parks in RL too!! :)

    Gonna snatch it !! recd!! Is it CC free?

    You know i am started to build Bridge port from scratch.. Ofc when i have lots fit for the BP for my liking..snatch it up!! I also closed the story process , so that i can create sims for the city as well.. Am i crazy ?? lol

    I have noticed that u are not active at DNA request team anymore :( busy with RL? I might ask an request from you otherwise shamelessly.. do not have anything to offer for you, unfo :(

    big hugs xxx

    1. /waves

      Yup all my lots are CC free unless stated otherwise :)

      I haven't been active for my computer is slowly dying and I cant really run TS3 anymore on it :( I have been playing with TS4 here and there but it just isnt the same, I really miss my TS3 game.

    2. waves back!! :)

      thanks you!!

      it is sooo sad :( i had the dying computer problem in the past.. :( it sucks..
      Finally i had bought a decent laptop where i can play much more better,less crashes and more store content loaded games.. but sad thing is many good sims 3 player/creators moved to Sims 4 either voluntery or involuteray.. :/

      hope you can somehow have a new babe soon, it is pity not to do something you enjoy and good at doing it too..but be away from it!

      if i provide you the thread of my creations ,maybe you can check sometimes and give me tips/critics to help me improve? if it is not too much trouble ofc, no pressure! :)

      take care! xx

    3. Hopefully I can get some new parts for my PC soon, but not looking good at the moment :(

      Definitely give me a link to your stuff I would love to check it out. I am not that great at giving feedback though lol, words are not a strong point with me :P

    4. ohh wish you good luck regarding finding new parts! *cross fingers* if you have a friend who is interested computers or working as comp tech, you can ask them :) believe they know where to find best deals, collect good parts cheaper then order from store :)

      thank you very much! :) I am also not good at with words.. in any case i really appreciate it
      here is the link ;

      take care! xxx