Monday, June 8, 2015

TS3 - Hilltop Lodge

This is my entry into calmorezoo's A Holiday Resort for River View contest.
We were tasked with taking a incomplete shell and turning it into either a Hotel or Motel. I chose to do a Hotel and made a sort of mountain lodge on the hill overlooking the town, hence the very unimaginative name of the build lol.

8 VIP bedrooms all with en suites
Reception, Bar, Kitchen
Dinging Room with Restaurant
Lounge area with Pool table
Spa with massage table and sauna, 
Gym, Hot Tub, Pool
Built on 40x40 Lot

After play testing for a Sim week or so the reviews are 4.5 - 5 stars. Most complaints were about lack of food variety.  
Resort amenities included:
- 3 banquet tables in the Dining Hall
- 1 food stand by the pool
- Small Hot Tub
- 5 pieces of gym equipment
- Wedding Arch
- Resort Tower in the basement
There is room for a fire walking pit, but I thought it didn't really go with the theme of the resort so I didn't add one in.

Warning Picture Spam!

I thought it looked pretty at night in the snow so most of the exterior pics are from winter lol

Right side lower level is the entrance to the Reception, Bar and Restaurant

Left side lower level is the entrance to the Lounge, Spa, Gym and Budget Rooms.

Upper Level is where the other 6 VIP rooms are and the Hot tub.

This would look great at Christmas time as a huge Chrissy tree!

As you can see the hot tub does actually work :)

The outdoor dining area, it looks so pretty in the snow!

 Fire pit, pool and outdoor shower

 The water wheel looks great as a backdrop in the reception area.

 And some pics of the exterior in the summer so you can actually see the landscaping lol



Restaurant and Kitchen

Public Toilet

Lounge (you can also see the entrance to one of the budget rooms in the first pic)

Day Spa


Massage Room



The VIP Rooms
There are 2 of each "type" of room, each room comes with its own bathroom, TV, microwave, coffee machine, mini fridge, alarm clock and phone

Budget Room
Bathroom not pictured for it is just the all in one bathroom in a small room.

Double Room

Family Room

Bathroom for both the Family and Double rooms

Honeymoon Suite


Ground Floor

Second Floor

Supernatural, Ambitions, Into the Future, Island Paradise, Seasons, Pets
Late Night, University Life, Generations, World Adventures, Showtime

Master Suite, 70's 80's & 90's, High-End Loft, 
Outdoor Living, Town Life, Movie Stuff

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