Monday, March 28, 2016

TS3 - Langerak Castle

D.N.A Request for blair2396

5 Star Resort
6 VIP bedrooms all with en suites
Dinging Room, Casino and Bar
Massage Table and Sauna
Gym, Hot Tub, Pool, Green House
Fully upgraded
Built on 64x64 Lot

This Request was for a fully functioning Resort in a Castle, the requester liked the look of Hogwarts so I went with a mix of Scottish Baronial and Gothic Revival architecture.
The 6 VIP rooms consist of 2 Honeymoon Suites, 2 Family Rooms and 2 Standard Rooms.
There is plenty of seating areas and bookcases throughout the build and some skill building items scattered here and there.
I play tested everything except the wedding arch (sorry) but it should be fine.

 Resort amenities included:
 - 8 banquet tables
- 1 food stand in Resort Tower Building
- Hot Tub
- Pool
- 4 pieces of gym equipment
- Wedding Arch
- Resort Tower
- 2 Fire walking pits

Exterior Shots 


Common Areas

Dining Room



Gym and Sauna/Massage

(all bedrooms are decorated in the same style with just different layouts, so I only took a few pics)


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EP/SP's used:
Supernatural, Late Night, Seasons, University, Showtime, Generations
Ambitions, Into the Future, Pets, World Adventures, Island Paradise
Master Suite, Outdoor Living, Town Life and Movie Stuff

Store Items Used: 
 See exchange link


  1. You totally knocked this one out of the park Kem. Awesome work.... so much of character, I can almost smell the atmosphere. Way to go! Rec'd and downloaded :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I was worried that I was repeating myself to much throughout the build.

  2. Oooowww
    How wonderful.
    I am always impressed by your creative ideas.

  3. the exchange page no longer show us the objects you used, could you please make a list here?

    1. I just checked the exchange and it is still showing the items list for me.

      If I get time I will try and see if I can get into this lot again and write a list (my pc doesn't like large lots anymore unfortunately)