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Friday, May 13, 2016

TS4 - Beachy Bedroom

I haven't been playing Sims much at all lately, my PC finally got a bit of a upgrade and I have only just reinstalled my TS3 content (boy that took days!) and TS4 just isn't as much fun to build/decorate in for me. I feel like I have lost my Muse. I have started so many builds in TS4 only to bulldoze the lot after a few hours of playing.

Then I stumbled across this thread and thought it looked like fun, One room, One week, One theme hosted by the lovely Rosemow over on the official forums.
This weeks theme was Beachy Bedroom which is a style I love! 
If you go to download the room from the gallery make sure you have "include custom content" ticked or it wont show up. The photographs my Sim took of the beach has flagged the room as containing CC (just another reason I don't like building in TS4) Hopefully they will fix the game to stop that from happening but I highly doubt it. You will also have to add the frames around the photographs back as they get removed when uploading the lot. (seriously so many little issues with TS4 makes it very frustrating to play)

As you can see in the overview this room contains other rooms inside it, now normally you cant upload them all together but I found a way to make that possible so you will in fact get all that you see below in the one room :) If you are interested in how I did that I made a little tutorial a while back explaining it here.

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Origin ID: Kemetari1771
EP,s GP.s SP.s Used:
Get to Work, Get Together
Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day
Perfect Patio, Movie Hangout


  1. thanks so much as a newbie I take it this goes in the Tray folder by the files

    1. Yep you put all the files into your tray folder, there are a few tutorials around the web on how to do this :) This is a very basic one here: http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_TS4_Lots
      But you can find videos on how to do it to :)

  2. I have just recently began coming back to Sims 3 after a long hiatus. I have always loved your creations and look forward to putting some of them in my newest story/legacy =)