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Monday, September 18, 2017

TS4- Arabian Dreams

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
Built on 30x20 Lot

My entry into the BnS CHALLENGE #78: The Hawthorne Project - Part V over on the official forums.

We were asked to build and decorate a home for 3 refugees from the middle east. It needed to have certain items included and have some hints of the middle east in either the interior or exterior or both.

We only had a budget of $40000 and let me tell you that its HARD really hard to do styles with budgets lol

My cost cutting tips are:
  • Don't use pricey floor tiles under items that you cant see the floor.
  • Make your own carpets with floor tiles.
  • Use the "set as head" cheat to get different size plants (did you know that the smaller size palm tree is $260 MORE than the large one O.o)
  • Use terrain paint instead of floor tiles for pathways.
  • Try using a solid color for the exterior instead of siding or masonry, those extra few simoleans a wall panel add up.
  • Use different types of foundations to create the illusion of a step.
  • If you are using harvestables make sure to harvest them all before checking your lot cost, this can be a HUGE saving.
  • And lastly and most importantly, DEBUG. There are so many little clutter items in the debug menu that are free! I even got that lovely aloe plant out of the debug menu. When building on a budget its hard to make a place not look empty, EA uses ridiculous pricing on their deco items. Trust me Debug is your best friend :)
Onto the picture spam, sorry there are so many but that's how they judge the entry.





Living with Hookah room

Upstairs Landing
I tried to make it look like there is a safety gate on the stairs lol

Joram and Maya's room

Rima's Room



Origin ID: Kemetari1771

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