Monday, December 2, 2013

TS3 - Sea Crest Manor Basment Level!

Basement Level where all the fun is at! 
Unfortunately most of these images were on Tinypic and are now gone :(

Indoor Pool


Full Bathroom with Sauna

Massage Room with Tanning Booth

Private Dace Studio

Sitting Area


Butlers Room

Man Cave and Media Room

(The first image is slightly different now, I will change it when I can get in game again)

Kitty's Hall :)

Bowling Lanes

Night Club with DJ Booth
(Note about the DJ Booth: It is placed inside an Arch way and it is working properly but I did have to move it forward just a tad. So if for some reason yours gets moved you must make sure its just a bit forward so that they can request music)
(Note about the Gobos: There are actually two Gobos on top of each other over the dance floor, so when setting yours make sure you use the ALL Gobos setting)

Music Room

Wine Cellar with Cold Storage

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