Monday, December 2, 2013

TS3 - Sea Crest Manor

This is my entry into the "Build Me a Mansion" competition over at the official forums :)

This is an extremely large lot. It has over 50 rooms! Yes you read that right and it is my very first home over a MILLION Simoleans! Woot go me!
Because there are sooo many photos (over 100) I am going to break it all up into a few posts.

7 Bedroom, 7 Full Bathroom
6 Half  Bathrooms 
Formal Living, Formal Dining, Kitchen, Breakfast Nook
Library, Office, Atrium, Foyer, Ball Room, Museum
Family Room, Play Room, Arcade, Lounge, Gym, Sauna
Massage/Tanning Room, Small Dance Studio
Laundry, Butlers Bedroom, Bowling Alley, Mini Night Club
Wine Cellar with Nectar Making, Man Cave/ Media Room
Music Room, Gazebo, Indoor and Outdoor Pool
Garage, Art Studio, Green House, Pond, Playground
Sunken Patio
Fully Upgraded

I hope I didn't forget anything lol On with the pic spam shall we :)
Firstly the exterior shots.

In the front of the Home there is a sea saw and bike racks for the kids
The Green House is also located in the front. There is a basket ball hoop attached to the garage
Plenty of parking for all you luxury cars even a place for the limo! If you need more space for cars you can remove the basket ball hoop and fit 2 more parking spaces in there.

The side of the home has a double balcony attached. The upper balcony is great for star gazing 
The lower balcony offers shade from the heat and a nice cozy fire in the cooler evenings, it looks out onto a formal garden.
In the bottom corner of the lot there is a small Koi pond perfect for contemplating life's mysteries or practicing your fishing. The Horseshoe pit fits snugly in with the flowers around the pond.

Around back we have the playground. Featuring a swing, Pirate Ship rider and Play Tower
A Gnubb set,  Tree House and Fire Pit can be found out back too.

 The Gazebo is a perfect place for your at home wedding or any other special occasion.

Off the back of the house there is a upper balcony that you can practice your Golf swing from. Why golf up there you ask? Well your rich you can do what ever you like :)
Plenty of places to enjoy the Suns rays on the back porch.
The sunken patio features a full kitchen and ready to go for your next party.


Beautiful in ground Pool ready for your next pool party. Large Hot Tub at one end and Pool Bar at the other. There is a outdoor shower to rinse of the chlorine too.


  1. I love this house - I must have this house. However, I can't see where I click to download it?
    I went to the Sims 3 and it's not there with your other great buildings.
    Can you tell me where the "download" button is hiding?

    1. Hi Susan, I am actually having trouble uploading this house. i am trying to get it to work and if/when i do the download link will be at the bottom of the overviews page :)

  2. Wow !!! I love this house. You have talent.
    Crycry :)

  3. OMG! When you upload this house I can't wait to download it! :D

    Do you take requests?

    1. There are issues with uploading this house I will make a new post when i am ready to upload a revised version. I do take requests, but I honestly am the slowest builder/decorator around lol

    2. Cool, can't wait :)

      Haha, but with good reason! Your lots are great!

    3. I got it to work! The download link can be found at the bottom of the overviews page :)

  4. Is this CC free? Where did the seats with the wheels on them come from it?

    Are you still willing to take requests(if you still play that is)

    1. Yup it is CC free :)

      The lounger (I do hope that is the seat you are refering too) is from the Le Cirque Esprit set

      As for requests, at the moment I have a few things going on so I wouldn't be able to do it for a while sorry :(

  5. can anyone tell me where i can get the Christmas lights on the front of the house from PLEASE

    1. Tracie the lights came with the Seasons EP, you just click on your front door and choose to hang holiday lights.
      The come in 2 styles and lots of different colors :)

  6. Replies
    1. Its at the bottom of the page on the overviews here :)