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Friday, June 6, 2014

TS3 - Champ Les Sims Redo Part Four

Circle of Knowledge.

This is part four of five of a gift for the lovely GreenCats over on the official forums.

The old bookstore lot now has 4 separate stores.
Firstly the Book Shop.
The main floor has the Book vendor who now caters to your magically inclined Sims too :)

Upstairs has a fortune teller and plenty of places to read.

Next up we have the Witches Tower!

at the bottom of the tower is a Cauldron

at the top is where all the magic happens!
You can also access the roof from here to use the telescope.

Next we have a little Coffee Shop with a nice alfresco area out back.

We also now have somewhere for the kids! 
A two story arcade and a playground :)

and once again the overviews..

I do hope you like it!

EP/SP's used:
Store Items Used:

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