Friday, June 6, 2014

TS3 - Champ Les Sims Redo Part Two

 Champ Les Sims Relic and Gift Shop

This is part two of five of a gift for the lovely GreenCats over on the official forums.

Next up we have the old Alexis Relics Shop.
I wanted to give it more of a Antique shop feel with a small Souvenir Shop on the side.

Firstly lets have a looksie at the Antique Shop :)

The main floor has the Relic vendor in it. The rest of the floor has been laid out to look like a Antique Shop with different furniture and Relics scatted throughout.

I have placed the chairs closer to the tables, so Sims cant actually sit there, you will find some NPC's having little temper tantrums about that, If this bothers you you can move them out to snap to the table or just get rid of them.

There is still the little courtyard out back with a nice water feature there now :)

Second floor is much the same as the first floor.

Over to the Souvenir Shop!

Main floor has a General Goods vendor there, you could change that if you want seeing as there is a General Goods vendor at the Base Camp now.

The rest of the store sells Souvenirs from your trip to France. 

French Perfume and T-shirts!

Incense burners and ceramics!

Cabaret and Masquerade gifts!

French Gnomes!
These little blighters run all over the lot! lol

Outback is a Outhouse and Cafe Table

Upstairs there is a small Staff lounge for the NPC's or your Sims to refill their needs. 

and the overviews..

I hope you like it!

EP/SP's used:
Store Items Used:


  1. Kem, I played WA only once and that is when I first got it. Thanks to you I will be playing it again. It is talent people like you that makes this game more enjoyable, even with the glitches. Thank you so much for sharing. I know this was a lot of undertaking. Pls keep up the good work, and I hope before S4 comes out you won't mind doing making over the other two WA travel spots as well.

    1. Thank you so much :)

      I have no intentions of playing TS4 so far with what I have seen so I should be able to do the other 2 vacations worlds lol