Friday, June 6, 2014

TS3 - Champ Les Sims Redo Part Three

The Catania

This is part three of five of a gift for the lovely GreenCats over on the official forums.

There was such a waste of space on this lot! But not anymore :) 
This lot now has 3 different places for your Sims to eat/drink! There are 6 NPC's on this lot, if that is too many you could remove one of the stoves and make the bars regular ones instead of professional ones.

First up on the main floor we have a traditional French Bakery.

The Food vendor is here and now also a Coffee Bar.

Upstairs above the Bakery is a fine dining French Restaurant with bar!

There is a little pass through into the kitchen

The full professional kitchen has two chefs

There are also toilets on both the main and second floor not pictured.

There was a little courtyard and a empty building out behind the main one. I have turned that into a little beer garden and a classy small Nightclub/Lounge.

One side is the Dance Club with DJ Booth!
There are 4 Gobos on top of each other so when setting your Gobos make sure to use the "all gobos" options

The other side is the Lounge with Professional Bar and Karaoke. The toilets are on this side too.

There was a small building off to the side that I have turned into a little studio apartment. I try to make sure there is a way for the NPC's to replenish their needs for they always seem to be smelly, hungry and tired when I go to the lot lol

and lastly the overviews...

I do hope you like it!

EP/SP's used:
Store Items Used:


  1. Beautiful as always. I love the way you decorate your lots, thank you so much for sharing all of them with us.

  2. Hi there.This is so beautiful and you have a great eye for detail. Keep up your awesome work. just want to know how did you manage to get more than three objects on the bakery rack?

    1. Thank you Nadine :)

      The bakery rack holds many objects I think there are over 20 slots on it to be honest. Not sure why you are only able to put 3 things on there. :(
      I know only small things can go on the rack, I just filled one up in a build I am doing with all kinds of little deco things. Even the music box can go on it (which surprised me seeing as it cant go on shelves)